Ultimo tango a Zagarol nude scenes

Ultimo tango a Zagarol

Directed By: Nando Cicero

It was 1973 and Franco Franchi had just left the couple with Ciccio Ingrassia, one of the most famous in Italian cinema. He tried to have a career as a single. The result wasn’t bad: he realized one of the most appreciated movies of the pulp genre, appreciated by Robert De Niro, Francis Ford Coppola and Wim Wenders. The last one included this movie in his top list movies. Of course we’re speaking of Ultimo tango a Zagarol, the parody – directed by Nando Cicero – of the famous movie by Bertolucci. Instead of Marlon Brando and Schneider, here the main actors are Franco Franchi and the beautiful and sensual Martine Beswick. We are sure you’ll like her very much…

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