Tutti Frutti nude scenes

Tutti Frutti

Directed By: NA


In the 80s in Italy there was a television program that was a great success: Colpo Grosso. Two competitors, a man and a woman, had to answer a few quizzes in order to strip as many girls as possible. The Euro Girls.
Then there were the Cin Cin Girls, who took off their bra and had prizes for competitors stuck on their nipples…
If competitors were short of currency, they could undress to get more money. A riot of strippers at 10.30pm.
The transmission was so successful that it was exported to other European countries. The German version was titled Tutti Frutti and aired from 1990 to 1993, with the same cast as the Italian program, except the presenter, who in this edition was Hugo Egon Balder.
Among Cin Cin Girls, Euro Girls and competitors, the list of names is very long. We remember Alma Lo Moro, Amanda Forbes, Carolyn Liu, Debora Vernetti, Eszter Horgas, Jasmine Lipovsek (AKA Jasmine Capelli), Laminah Jones, Nadia Visintainer, Nikki Foley, Sandra Wild and Tiziana D’Arcangelo.

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