Escape from Women's Prison

After hundreds and hundreds of reviews, we’re still able to find rare and interesting content, as the clips we have added today in our archives. We’re speaking of the movie Escape from Women’s Prison, that shows a parade of beautiful nude actresses: Lilli Carati, Ada Pometti, Dirce Funari, Marina Daunia and Zora Kerova. You can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it in our daily update.

Ragazze in affitto s.p.a.

Today we present one of the best cult movies, Ragazze in affitto SpA, with an astonishing list of nude celebrities: Carina BaroneZora Kerova (also know as Zora Kerowa), Carmen RussoFrançoise Gayat and Fabianne Mai.You can find a complete review in our archives, but today we’ve added new clips with a higher definition. Of course you can still find the rare clips from the uncensored version of this movie. An update you can’t loose!

Terror Express

Terror Train (original title La ragazza del vagone letto) is an unpopular movie directed by Ferdinando Baldi. This movie isn’t a very good piece in its genre, and it’s quite far from the quality of L’ultimo treno della notte by Aldo Lado, to which it is inspired. But there is a very good reason to see it: the beautiful Silvia Dionisio and Zora Kerowa, both nude of course. And the blonde italian television showgirl from the 80s Fiammetta Flamini.

The New York Ripper

By a great master of horror, a film full of nude actresses. The video clip of our last update are in fact taken from the film by Lucio Fulci The New York Ripper and celebrities are among the most beautiful of Italian cinema from the ’80s. Daniela DoriaCinzia de PontiZora Kerova and Alexandra Delli Colli. Full frontal nudes and sexy scenes for these actresses that will please all the fans of blonde women. Enjoy the nude scenes from this movie that you can find in our archives. Now in HD!

The True Story of the Nun of Monza

According to nude celebrities collectors, the movie The True Story of the Nun of Monza is a gold mine. In this terrific nunsploitation we can admire the always requested Paola Montenero nude, together with many other cult actresses. We start with the main character of this movie, Zora Kerowa (or Zora Kerova), beautiful and always nude. Then we go on with Paola Corazzi, another beauty who is appreciated by the collectors of the genre movies between the ’70s and the ’80s. Plus, Leda Simonetti, actress with a long queue of admirers even if her roles were a few. Last but not least, from the porn world, Sandy Samuel, here credited with her real name, Ornella Picozzi. You can find in our daily updated archives the full movie review and many astonishing clips.