Inhibition is a movie that gives some beautiful scenes to the collectors of nude celebrities. The main characters are due sexy bombs: Claudine Beccarie e Ilona Staller. It’s 1976 and the young Ilona Staller hadn’t made anything in the porn industry. In the videos from this movie by Paolo Poeti, you can see her at 25, blonde and nude, involved in a couple of lesbo scenes with the beautiful Claudine Beccarie. There is a little cameo with Dirce Funari and Zaira Zoccheddu, both uncredited in the end titles of this movie. Four beautiful nude actresses for a new update that you can’t miss.

Noi e l'amore

Noi e l’amore – comportamento sessuale variante (AKA Mutant Sexual Behaviour) is a sequel of Impariamo ad amarci and is a kind of documentary that looks at various sexual pratices. Among a big group of totally unknown actresses we underline the presence of Marcella Petrelli nude and playing a mistress role, commanding his servant as if he were a dog. Even in this sequel there is Zaira Zoccheddu. This time she’s nude.