Dexter [Season 7]

Yvonne Strahovski‘s worldwide success arrived with the tv serial Chuck, but we needed to wait for the seventh season of Dexter, to see some short nude scenes. Unfortunately only a few, but enough to excite her followers. And we’re her fans, too. But this season of Dexter is enough also for those who’re waiting to see a pair of beautiful tits, thanks to the nude scenes with Katia Winter and Maria Zyrianova, here are a couple of strippers.

Manhattan Night

We’ve dreamed for years of seeing Yvonne Strahovski naked, since her first appearance on the screen. There had been us dreaming, giving us some portion of bare skin in Dexter, but until now our dreams were gone unheeded. Thabks to movie Manhattan Night, today we can admire Yvonne Strahovski nude and in some super hot scenes, such as a sequence in which she masturbates in the shower. And the other secenes aren’t less hot. You’re going to see a lot in the beautiful Yvonne slammed against a wall and taken from behind. In this film there are not many nude scenes, but they are all fabulous. The first nude of Yvonne Strahovski is a must! In HD, of course.