Invasion of the Bee Girls

In today update we present a real little jewel: Invasion of the Bee Girls, a cult movie with a long list of nude actresses: Anitra Ford, Susan Player, Victoria Vetri, Anna Aries, Colleen Brennan, Rene Bond and Beverly Powers. The story is unusual: in a little town died eight men for heart arrest.This seems to be due to a too hard sexual activity. A detective discovers that the biologist Susan Harris transformed some women in queen-bees that sucks all from their men…

When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth

Finally, another great classic from the ‘70s converted to HD! We’re speaking of the film When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth, an adventure from the prehistoric genre with the advantage of showing Victoria Vetri nude. Victoria was the Playmate of the Year in 1968 and since the beginning of the 60s she worked in film and television. In this film she plays the role of the unfortunate Sanna, forced to flee from his tribe to avoid being sacrificed to the gods, just because it was the fate of all the blonde girls. As it is predictable talking about prehistory, her clothes are very few!