Abbronzatissimi 2 – Un anno dopo

The sequel of Abbronzatissimi, even if the stories are brand new and not connected with the first movie. Yeah, a weird sequel. Who cares, the important thing are the nude celebrities. Four hot nude actresses for our eyes: Barbara Cavallari, Eva Grimaldi, Marina Occhiena and Vanessa Gravina. You’d love the clips in our archive.

Pompei, ieri, oggi e domani

Vanessa Gravina naked. And with her, Roberta Modigliani, that Italian members will remember as one of the participants in the cult TV-show Non è la Rai. And yet the fabulous Linda Batista. This trio of nude celebrities are among the stars of the TV series Pompei, ieri, oggi e domani, which tells of the city of Pompeii and its destruction in 79 AD, buried by the ashes of Vesuvius. The many members who are looking for scenes with Vanessa Gravina naked will be happy for this update. The video clips related to these series are in our archives, all in HD.

The Girl from Cortina

Vanessa Gravina nude is highly requested but she strips only in rare occasions. One of the best ways to see her naked body is the movie The Girl from Cortina (original title La ragazza di Cortina). A good occasion for Vanessa’s fans, with many nice scenes alone or with the beautiful Isabel Russinova. You can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it in our daily updated archives.