Abat-Jour 2 – Il sofà

Camilla agrees to marry the rich landowner who has caused the ruin of his family. But she certainly did not forgive him and thinks of revenge. Two hardcore actresses before hardcore works: Valentine Deny and Virna Anderson, also knows as Barbarella. A movie rich of great nude scenes. And you can find all the scenes in our archives.

Dirty Love

Let’s take Dirty Dancing and Flashdance, add Valentine Demy, a lot of erotism and the direction of the mythic Joe D’Amato… and you obtain Dirty Love. Valentine Demy‘s beautiful body is the most requested and beloved by our members. You can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it in our daily update.

Hard Car – Desiderio sfrenato del piacere

Hard Car – Desiderio sfrenato del piacere is an erotic thriller form the end of the ’80s. The beautiful Angie steals a floppy disk with secret informations on a multinational company and… no, dude, don’t care. We have seen this movie because the main character is Valentine Demy, nude from beginning to the end. There’s also a good lesbo scene with her and the fabulous Carmen Di Pietro. And what can you say of the long scene in which Valentine Demy shaves her bush in front of the camera? If these nude celebrities aren’t enough, there are also a couple of scenes with Cristina Rinaldi. We speak of this movie in one of our last updates, with some fabulous clips and a complete review.

Io Gilda

The many fans of Pamela Prati will be happy for our latest update: new high definition videos from the movie Io Gilda. Pamela Prati is still a beautiful woman. But twenty-five years ago she was a real goddess of sensuality. Collectors of nude actresses will be happy to know that together with her in this film, there is another icon of Italian cinema: Valentine Demy. Today she is a famous porn star, but between the ’80s and ’90s she starred in many mainstream films, from comedy to erotic and softcore. An update you can’t lose!

Malizia oggi

The soft and round body of Debora Calì (AKA Deborah Calì) meets the driest of Valentine Demy in a film full of nudity: Malizia oggi. A mother steals her daughter’s boyfriend, the daughter steals her mother’s lover, all put their clothes off and we are happy to look at tits, ass dancing and some stripteases. Debora Calì naked is really sexy and we are sorry that she is almost gone from the scene. On the contrary, Valentine Demy is now a popular porn star, but this film is still part of his erotic filmography. The sequences of nudes are beautiful and you can find them in our archives.


Freely based on John Cleland’s novel Fanny Hill, Paprika is the story of a girl who decides to prostitute herself on the advice of her boyfriend. They need the money to get married! Initially she enters the brothel with the intention of working only for fifteen days, but obviously the work will last much longer, also because his boyfriend is a profiteer.
Great classic of the master Tinto Brass that offers us a long list of nude actresses. First of all, the busty Debora Caprioglio gaves us beautiful erotic sequences. But the list continues with Clarita Gatto, Deborah Calì, Debora Vernetti, Luciana Cirenei, Martine Brochard, Nina Soldano, Petra Scharbach, Rossana Gavinel, Tiziana D’Arcangelo and Valentine Demy.

Pomeriggio caldo

Valentine Demy is known to be one of the greatest Italian pornstar, but we – lovers of the genre films – remember her for a vast production of softcore films in the late ’80s and the ’90s. Among his many films, today we remember an erotic/horror movie made by Joe D’Amato, the title is Pomeriggio caldo (AKA 11 Days 11 Nights Part 3) A journalist investigates a sect and meets a woman who mourns her husband’s death, killed in a voodoo ritual. Valentine Demy naked, but also the beautiful Sally Carey naked, who unfortunately disappeared from the scenes after this film.

Sapore di Donna

The beautiful Deborah Calì and a redhead Valentine Demy are the sexy bombs and the main characters of Sapore di donna, the movie we present in our update today. We can see some total nudes and many very spicy scenes. You can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it in our archives, daily updated.

Snack Bar Budapest

Today we present a little masterpiece, a movie by the master Tinto Brass. The title is Snack Bar Budapest and it is one of the best movies by Brass. As in all his movies, the story is characterized by nude and prosperous women. Here there are Loredana Romito, Raffaella Baracchi, Sylvie Orcier, Carmen Di Pietro, Giuditta Del Vecchio and Valentine Demy.