99 women

99 women (original title: Der heiße Tod) is a good movie with all the clichés of the “Women in Prison” genre: beautiful nude actresses, lesbian jailers and prison uniforms that are made up of shabby dresses and stockings. Yes, they were not very reliable movies from a philological point of view.
Marie is a new detainee who arrives in this prison, on a remote island, and receives the number 99. The detainees are controlled by the sadistic lesbian guardian Thelma Diaz and it will not be long before Marie decides to escape from prison along with another couple of inmates.
There are not many nude sequences in this film, but they are all interpreted by some cult actresses: Maria Rohm, Rosalba Neri and Valentina Godoy.

The Girl from Rio

Die sieben Männer der Sumuru, also known as The Girl from Rio, is one of our favorite films of director Jesús Franco. Sumuru, the beautiful queen of a kingdom of women only, has an ambitious plan: to conquer the world with her female army. Among intrigues, glass cages and diabolical plans, we can admire some nude actresses. Beni Cardoso, Elisa Montés, Maria Rohm and Valentina Godoy are the beauties that are stripped in front of us. Maria Rohm is very intriguing while wearing red socks in front of her man, and Beni Cardoso is very hot with her black rubber dress.