Africa Express

John Baxter is a merchant of goods that goes around Africa with a chimp and a dream: save enough money to buy a gas station in Detroit. Madeleine Cooper is the lady of the mystery he runs into while escaping from the great hunter Jack Palance. And she’s played by the beautiful Ursula Andress.

Letti selvaggi

A poker of beautiful actresses for a classic Italian comedy of the late 70s. Divided into eight episodes, the film gives us several moments of good humor, but above all different sexy sequences with some of the most beautiful actresses of that period: Laura Antonelli, Monica Vitti, Sylvia Kristel and Ursula Andress. Not all of them undress completely, but they all show us something interesting…

Loaded Guns

The movie Loaded Guns (AKA Colpo in canna) had been an unsuccessfull attempt in the genre of parody by the director Fernando Di Leo. The story isn’t relevant but an high level is reached with the scenes in which the sexy Ursula Andress shows all her goodies, totally naked. Today update presents the full movie reviews and clips.

The Sensuous Nurse

A great classic of Ursula Andress‘ filmography: The Sensuous Nurse, a movie by Nello Rosati which started a new genre in which the main characters were always nurses, ginecologists, doctors… Together with the beautiful Andress, while she exhibits totally naked in some astonishing scenes, there are many other beauties such as Carla Romanelli and Luciana Paluzzi.