La principessa nuda

Ajita Wilson plays the Princess of Taslamia. A princess who goes to Italy to deal with business with some Milanese entrepreneurs. In Milan he will also meet the mysterious Gladys, played by Tina Aumont.
Gladys will introduce the princess among the wealthy people of the city. She is plotting with an unscrupulous journalist and together they will try to write a tabloid article.
Ajita Wilson and Tina Aumont show themselves with great generosity in front of the camera.


It has a few nude scenes but it’s one of the most erotic movies in the ’70s. We’re speaking of Malicious, the cult movie by Salvatore Samperi, a movie that made the people know Laura Antonelli, an actress in the top-ten of the cult beauties. In this update by CinemaCult we present a complete review and some clips to illustrate it, finally in HD! Together with the beautiful Laura, you can find a very sensual Tina Aumont. A very rich and interesting update for our members!