Below the Belt

For those who love big tits, Uschi Digard is an absolute myth. If you do not know her, you have to provide immediately. Uschi was softcore actress, best known for her roles in Russ Meyer‘s movies. Swedish, beautiful and with a very, very generous breast. Today we present the clip with Uschi Digard naked from the film Below the Belt, in which she starred with other nude actresses, maybe less known: Rene BondMirka MadnadraszkyTerri Johnson and Jane Tsentas. Unforgettable sequences.

Flesh Gordon

This is an erotic parody of comics, inspired to Flash Gordon, the hero created by Alex Raymond. The movie is Flesh Gordon, 1974. It was first classified as “X – Adult movie”, then as “R – over 16”. This movie is rich of nude skin and explicit language but it isn’t an hardcore movie. It is a cult movie in its genre, rich in special effects for being a ’70s movie. In 1989 a sequel was done, Flesh Gordon Meets the Cosmic Cheerleaders, of which we’ll speak in a further update.
Together with a complete movie review, you’ll find in many archives some clips to illustrate it, with the nude goodies of Candy Samples, Nora Wieternik, Suzanne Fields and Terri Johnson.