American Pie

It’s been almost twenty years since Porky’s and to collect his legacy comes American Pie. The plot is the classic one of American teen-movies, with the group of losers students who hope to lose their virginity. Jim Levenstein, the main protagonist, will succeed in having a sexual performance with the Czechoslovakian student Nadia, played by Shannon Elizabeth.
This film made Shannon Elizabeth famous all over the world. Many of us fell in love with her and we wanted to be in Jim’s place.

Van Wilder

Van Wilder has been organizing school parties for years and now his reputation is legendary. So legendary that a journalism student is instructed to write an article about him. Spending time with him the student, Gwen, will discover who is the real Van Wilder.
We, on the other hand, discover a lot of tits, thanks to Tara Reid, Ivana Bozilovic, Jesse Capelli, Kim Smith and Lydia Hull.