Images in a Convent

It is hard to speak about the genre called nunsploitation (but called tonaca-movie in Italy), without mentioning the famous Images in a Convent by the master Joe D’Amato. He signed this movie thrice: with the alias Tom Salima for subject, as Aristide Massaccesi for photography direction and as Joe D’Amato as director.
This movie is between hard and softcore and was immediatly censored in Italy, so the most widespread version was of about 68 minutes. This movie came also with a difference from the movies of the time in which hard scenes were added in a second time. Here hard scenes were cut.

The main characters, wiht very interesting scenes, are the mythical Paola Senatore and Marina Lotar (here with the alias Marina Hedman). We at CinemaCult had a couple of clips from this movie in our archives but today we add a new selection of videos, coming from the new uncut and uncensored version, digitally remastered and bigger.
This means another fantastic trophy for our members, to be appreciated together with thousands of other videos in our archives.