Alice or the Last Escapade

In 1977 the director Claude Chabrol dedicated a movie to another great director, Fritz Lang, died the year before. The title of this movie is Alice or the Last Escapade, maybe one of the best works by Chabrol, mysterious and horrifing, with its beautiful main character: Sylvia Kristel. Among the many scenes from this movie, there are some for the nude actresses collectors. A few scenes, but there is a total nude of Sylvia Kristel that you won’t forget.

Emmanuelle 2

Our previous review on Emmanuelle had a great success among our members but it was an easy bet. You asked for more content from this series, so we’re working for this and more clips are coming soon. Today we start with Emmanuelle 2, again with the beautiful Sylvia Kristel (mature and more beautiful than in the first movie). This movie had different titles in international distribution, in example Emmanuelle: The Joys of a Woman and Emmanuelle: L’antivierge. Dealing with cronology, this is Emmanuelle 2. In this movie we find also the fabulous Laura Gemser, one of the beloved by our users. Scenes with her are spectacular. Also, the blonde and beautiful Catherine Rivet. All clips are in HD.


Sylvia Kristel was the first and the best Emmanuelle, the main character of a so popular movie that was proposed for ten years in the same cinema in Paris. Wife of a French diplomat in Bangkok, Emmanuelle embarks on a voyage of sexual discovery. Four nude celebrites, many hot scenes! Their name: Christine Boisson, Jeanne Colletin, Marika Green and ofcourse Sylvia Kristel.

Goodbye, Emmanuelle

It’s time to present in HD quality the videos taken from the third chapter of the Emmanuelle saga, with the title Goodbye Emmanuelle. Playing the role of this icon of eroticism is again Sylvia Kristel. Starting with the fourth chapter, with the passage from Sylvia Kristel to Mia Nygren, many other actresses will play this role in a saga that goes on until our days. In this third episode, Emmanuelle and her husband Jean landed on a tropical island in the Seychelles, seeking new erotic experiences. This time, however, among the many occasional partners, our Emmanuelle will find a new love, and she will go far away with him, leaving her husband. Besides Sylvia Kristel naked and fabulous, other actresses appear naked on screen: Charlotte Alexandra, Caroline Laurence and Radiah Frye.


Julia (original title Es war nicht die Nachtigall) is a fabulous parade of nude celebrities. Lots of naked bodies and a poker of actresses that we’re sure you’ll like: Sylvia Kristel, Teri Tordai, Gisela Hahn and the less known Christine Glasner, who played in only a handful of moviess between the ’70s and ’80s. Sylvia Kristel in these videos is really beautiful. The film was shot in the same period of Emmanuelle and we can enjoy Sylvia Kristel nude in the beauty of her twentys. Even the other actresses are fabulous. This update is a feast for your eyes.

La marge

In the film we present today, the mourned and softcore erotic film actress Sylvia Kristel plays the role of a prostitute. In the arms of actor Joe Dallesandro, a beautiful and damned man discovered by Andy Warhol, the beautiful Sylvia presents some very interesting nude sequences. The title of this movie is La marge and it is one of the movies by the director Walerian Borowczyk, one of the most censored and cut, so that it was almost impossible to see a really integral version. In order to take advantage of the success of the most famous character played by Sylvia Kristel, the film was also presented with the title Emmanuelle 77. For collectors of nude actresses, we underline the presence of the beautiful Mireille Audibert naked.

Lady Chatterley's Lover

The popular novel by David Herbert Lawrence has been on the big screen in many ways, some of them very hot, as we like here at CinemaCult. One of our preferred is the one from 1981, directed by Just Jaeckin and interpreted by Sylvia Kristel. Total naked bodies and long sex scenes… Lady Chatterley’s Lover is really an unforgettable movie for those who like nude skin. We present this in one of our last update, with a complete movie review and some clips you’ll like to see more and more. Now in HD!

Letti selvaggi

A poker of beautiful actresses for a classic Italian comedy of the late 70s. Divided into eight episodes, the film gives us several moments of good humor, but above all different sexy sequences with some of the most beautiful actresses of that period: Laura Antonelli, Monica Vitti, Sylvia Kristel and Ursula Andress. Not all of them undress completely, but they all show us something interesting…

Mata Hari

Who loves Sylvia Kristel naked will enjoy the sequences from the Emmanuelle’s film saga. But but in our opinion the nicest scenes are the ones that are in the movie Mata Hari. The story of Margaretha Geertruida Zelle, a Dutch dancer and secret agent, is popular. Not everyone knows that among the many actresses who interpreted this character over the years has been the beautiful Sylvia Kristel, in a film in which nude scenes are many, some of them really exciting. Then there is the long sequence of love that includes oral sex practiced to Kristel, in which she plays with great transport.

Private Lessons

Private Lessons is one of the most exciting movies with Sylvia Kristel as the main character. The story is the common erotic discovery of a young man with a cougar. There are many movies from this genre, the most famous with Lisa Gastoni, Edwige Fenech, Serena Grandi and Laura Antonelli. Sylvia Kristel gives to the cinema history some very exciting scenes. You can find a complete review and many clips in our daily updated archives. Now in HD!

Private School

Other classic films, other celebrities nude in HD. Today is the turn of Private School, a comedy from the 80’s about a girls’ boarding school full of beautiful girls. And in front of this college is a boys’ school. No need to say anything else. Jokes, laughter… and especially boobs. From those beautiful Betsy Russell. You can’t miss her nudes. Even Phoebe Cates naked is fabulous, but in this film gives us only shots of her ass. Better than nothing, though. And then Sylvia Kristel, Brinke Stevens, Julie Payne, Kari Lizer, Kathleen Wilhoite and Lynda Wiesmeier. All in HD. Are they enough?