Cugini carnali

Many of our members asked for her and we worked to find out … the beautiful Susan Player, American actress with a short career. But she left a deep sign in our hearts after she showed her goodies in Cugini carnali, a movie by Sergio Martino. It is a movie from the same genre of Grazie zia and Malizia, both directed by Samperi. In this movie, together with the beautiful Susan, we can admire the nude body of Fiorella Masselli. You can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it in our daily update.

Invasion of the Bee Girls

In today update we present a real little jewel: Invasion of the Bee Girls, a cult movie with a long list of nude actresses: Anitra Ford, Susan Player, Victoria Vetri, Anna Aries, Colleen Brennan, Rene Bond and Beverly Powers. The story is unusual: in a little town died eight men for heart arrest.This seems to be due to a too hard sexual activity. A detective discovers that the biologist Susan Harris transformed some women in queen-bees that sucks all from their men…

The Pom Pom Girls

The Pom Pom Girls is the classic American teen-movie with tested ingredients: comedy, sports and beautiful girls. Beautiful girls who have an active role, right from the title of the film. The pom pom girls will have to help their team win. Cheryl Smith, Diane Lee Hart, Jennifer Ashley, Lisa Reeves and Susan Player will surely involve you in the match!