Mi faccia causa

Stefania Sandrelli is one of the queens of Italian cinema. An actress of great eroticism. Her masterpiece is undoubtedly The Key, but she’s hot in many other films. Mi faccia causa is one of these movies. Even if there are no nude scenes, she still get us excited. Plus, Marisa Laurito in sexy lingerie and black stockings.

Erotic Tales: Sweeties…

Anna is a woman who is getting old, but who still loves sex, a lot. Her husband, on the other hand, has forgotten the good times of sexual performances.
Anna wants to win back her husband and tries in every way to get him excited. She even turns to a fortune-teller to ask for help, but the love potions will have unexpected results.
Stefania Sandrelli gives us some fabulous scenes. It’s been ten years since films such as The Key and Una donna allo specchio, but these years have only made it softer and more sensual. An erotic charge that can not be explained but only looked at.

Delitto d’amore

Stefania Sandrelli nude, young, in 1974, in a film by the director Luigi Comencini. The dramatic love story between Nullo and Carmela, an anarchist without faith and a religious and devoted woman.
A film that for us lovers of nude actresses is interesting only for the nude sequences, a few. Stefania Sandrelli had an unripe breasts and a very delicate face.


Eva Grimaldi‘s lovers will be happy of our last update in which you can find her goods in many contexts. Today we present one of her best movies, D’Annunzio, in which she shows a wonderful all nude body, and more.
Together with her, two beautiful nude celebs: Florence Guérin, Stefania Sandrelli

Dove vai in vacanza?

Many celebrities in today update, thanks to a movie that was very generous in offering us nude skin: Dove vai in vacanza?. It is composed by three episodes with three main actors (Ugo Tognazzi, Alberto Sordi and Paolo Villaggio) surrounded by many beauties, from Lory Del Santo to Stefania Sandrelli, from Annamaria Rizzoli to Lorraine De Selle, from Clara Colosimo to Rita Silva. As usual, you can find in our archives a complete review and some interesting clips.


A woman can’t get her husband’s sexual attention and tries all ways to excite him, but she doesn’t succeed in it. So she starts eating candies to vent out frustrations. Until the moment she meets a sorceress and the trouble with her husband is solved. This is the story from an erotic short movie from the 1995, Sweeties…, with a beautiful and sexy Stefania Sandrelli. The actress excite us in many different ways: wearing stockings and looking at her bottom in the mirror, licking a candy and touching tits. A fifty Stefania Sandrelli excites as when she was forty, and thirty, and twenty… The complete review and some astonishing clips are in our archives.

La tarantola dal ventre nero

Inspector Tellini investigates serial crimes in which the victims are paralyzed and their bellies slashed with a sharp knife. This is the same way the tarantulas are killed by the black wasp …
Barbara Bouchet and Stefania Sandrelli are the two beautiful nude actresses featured in this film. Barbara Bouchet young and beautiful is a true spectacle of nature. And Stefania Sandrelli in the 70s was one of the most beautiful actresses in Italy.

The Key

The key (La Chiave) is considered one of the best films by the Italian director Tinto Brass, an undisputed master of the erotic genre. It ‘s also our favorite movie, because the main actress is a woman who pours sensuality from all the pores: Stefania Sandrelli.
Husband and wife confess their sexual perversions through their diaries. The woman secretly reads her husband’s diary and he does the same thing with his wife’s diary.
The erotic scenes are very many. Stefania Sandrelli gives us some fabulous views of her body. Definitely the best movie for those who want to watch Stefania Sandrelli nude.

Desideria: La vita interiore

Stefania Sandrelli in a threesome sex scene with Marcella Petrelli. It looks like the erotic dream of a collector of nude actresses, but this sequence really exists and it comes frome the very rare Desideria: La vita interiore. The majority of nudes in this movie are by another cult actress: Lara Wendel. Total nudes, pantyhose, threesome… nothing is missed in this film. Don’t lose these videos!

Jamón Jamón

Anna Galiena, Penélope Cruz and Stefania Sandrelli are the nude actresses of Jamón Jamón, a film by director Bigas Luna. The nude scenes are many and all intriguing. In this “ham and passion story” you will have a lot of content to enjoy. And we have extracted all the exciting sequences to save your time!

Una donna allo specchio

A kind of 9 1/2 weeks Italian style, which takes place in the city of Ivrea during the carnival. A man and a woman meet, they like each other and spend a few days of intense sex. Their passion will burn quickly and their relationship will not last long.
One of Stefania Sandrelli‘s best movies. For fans of nude celebrities this work is second only to The Key, where Stefania Sandrelli gives the best of herself.
Stockings, naked nudes, anal sex (simulated)… Things to make us bleed the nose are many.