I ragazzi della Roma violenta

In today update we present a movie inspired to the ‘Circeo Homicide’, a sad episode from the ’70s. This movie, I ragazzi della Roma violenta isn’t a masterpiece. Characters aren’t well defined and the story is very poor. So why do we speak of this movie? Because of the nudes, almost all are total nudes. Among these we must underline the nude skins of Sarah Crespi and Paola Corazzi. A complete review of this movie and clips to illustrate it are in today update.

La sorella di Ursula

La Sorella di Ursula is a detective story, a thriller and an erotic movie… very erotic. In some versions it has hardcore scenes but they are only the ‘insert’ added after the production and there aren’t the same actresses of the movie. In this movie you can admire a long list of celebrity nude: Barbara Magnolfi, Yvonne Harlow, Antiniska Nemour and Stefania D’Amario. You can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it in our daily updated archives.

Flying Sex

Today we present some new rare sequences. Many people ask for clips with Eveline Barrett naked from the film Flying Sex, a hardcore movie from the 80s, a movie highly desired by collectors. And we now present it, but let us explain a couple of things. Eveline Barrett and Brenda Shington, the two protagonists of this film, do not exist. These are the pseudonyms of two cult actresses: Stefania D’Amario and Marcella Petrelli. Marcella Petrelli is also known as Marcella Petri. This was good news, but the bad news concerns the hardcore scenes of these two actresses, that does not really exist, but they are clips of anonymous actresses inserted during the assembly of this movie, as often did in those years. However, the softcore scenes would not disappoint you, in example Marcella Petrelli who masturbates a bottle of champagne and then pours it on her body to have it licked… The cast of nude actresses nude includes also Adriana Giuffrè.


It’s a great pleasure to find Pamela Prati naked in an American film from 1982. We are talking about Monsignor, a film that tells the story of an ambitious priest who makes dirty businesses before and after the Second World War, and between the various atrocities he also seduces a nun. There are not many nude scenes in this movie, but they are interesting. In addition to Pamela Prati, we can admire Anny Papa, Stefania D’Amario and Geneviève Bujold nude, a beautiful Canadian actress. The many fans of Pamela Prati will be delighted with these new nudes.