Maschio latino cercasi

Maschio latino cercasi is an episodic film that tells how the Italian male deals with sex: from the elderly gentleman who uses plastic surgery to avoid looking old next to the young girlfriend, until the couples exchange. An excellent cast of nude actresses: Gloria Guida among all, and last but not least Adriana Asti, Brigitte Petronio, Dayle Haddon and Stefania Casini.

I prosseneti

Today we present another rare movie, I prosseneti, a movie that isn’t a masterpiece but it shows a long list of nude beauties. We start with Stefania Casini and Silvia Dionisio, then the very young Ilona Staller and a sensual Sonja Jeannine. All this ends with a mature Juliette Mayniel showing her breast. You can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it in our daily updated archives.


High quality content till the end of the year. While you’re welcoming the new year, we give you our personal fireworks: Stefania Casini with a double masturbation, in HD. It isn’t a porn movie but the masterpiece by Bernardo Bertolucci 1900. In these 317 minutes of movie the nude scenes are very few, but enough to satisfy our wish of nude celebrities. Together with Stefania Casini, there is another showing her nude body: the beautiful Dominique Sanda. Don’t loose the clips in our archives, in HD and from the uncut version of this movie! (more…)

Blood for Dracula

Following an Andy Wharol‘s project, the director Paul Morrissey made two movies in Italy, and they’re half horror and half comedy. One of these is Blood for Dracula, in which the famous earl goes to Italy looking for virgins’ blood. He choses Italy thinking that it’s a catholic nation, so he can find a lot of virgins. Poor Earl of Dracula! He finds only a few virgins, but for for our joy he finds nude and sexy beauties: Stefania Casini, Silvia Dionisio and Dominique Darel.

The Cousin

Here comes another jewel! This time we present the movie The Cousin, with a gorgeous sensual Dayle Haddon, between a young Cristian De Sica and his cousin (only on stage) Massimo Ranieri. Together with her a cast of beauties: Stefania Casini, Conchita Airoldi and a sexy hot Francesca Romana Coluzzi. This update would be mainly appreciated by Haddon’s fans. During the ’70s and the ’80s she was one of the most popular faces in publicity (Max Factor, Revlon, Estee Lauder, L’Oreal…).