Benedetta trasgressione!

After divorce a couple of ex-spouses meet in a park. The two discover they are still attracted to each other and they left only because their sex life was just too monotonous. And so they decide to have a couple of hours of sex, after having involved other two men, two strangers found in the park. If you’d like to see Sonia Topazio naked, the video clips from this short film will involve you completely. Full frontal nude scenes, black stockings, group sex… A list of videos that you can’t loose, the hottest with this beautiful actress.

Club Vacanze

Viola Simoncioni and Sonia Topazio are nude and beautiful in their last movie of Pierino with Alvaro Vitali. The movie is Club Vacanze, a medium comedy with Viola Simoncioni topless while singing and Sonia Topazio totally naked. You can find a complete review and many clips in our daily updated archives.

Top Girl

A name, a guarantee: Joe D’Amato.
Two names, two super hot actresses: Carla Solaro and Sonia Topazio.
Put these three names together and get one of the classic erotic films of Joe D’Amato, an Italian director with a huge number of fans. The nude sequences are many and all beautiful, because these two actresses have a lot of interesting features: hot, provocative, sensual, sexy, fabulous bodies… In short, this story of a girl who is lucky to be chosen for a TV series is a movie that gives so much to lovers of nude actresses.

Una donna da guardare

Gianni is a middle-aged man with sexual problems. He turns to a psychologist, who advises him to try to have sex with as many women as possible, for the joy of the audience.
Gianni, however, has in mind only one woman, Pamela, whom he met during a ferry trip. Pamela is Pamela Prati, so we agree with Gianni about his taste in women.
The nude scenes are so many in this great Italian erotic film. Pamela Prati is obviously the queen of the movie, but we can also admire Sonia Topazio, Elisabetta Focardi and Cinzia De Carolis. For Cinzia De Carolis this is the last film shot.