Caribbean Papaya

You can’t say you’re a nude movies collector if you don’t watch some of Joe D’Amato’s movie. Beautiful actresses, exciting plots, good direction and a excellent photography. These are always the components in his movies. Today we present Caribbean Papaya (original title is Papaya dei Caraibi), a movie that shows us nude and beautiful Sirpa Lane and Melissa Chimenti, already known with the sole name Melissa as a singer. You can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it in today update.

Nazi Love Camp 27

We’re back with a movie from the nazi-erotic genre, called also nazi-porn due to the many hardcore scenes added after to many of these movies. The movie we present today, Nazi Love Camp 27 (original title La svastica nel ventre) is a good work by Mario Caiano but here he used the alias William Hawkins. He was a good director for genre movies, from the spaghetti-western to the police movies. In this movie we can admire also the beautiful Sirpa Lane, Christiana Borghi, Gloria Piedimonte, Renata Moar, Rita Moscatelli and Sarah Crespi.

The Beast

Among the many masterpieces by Walerian Borowczyk, one of the most famous is The Beast, with a trio of fabulous actresses: Sirpa Lane, Lisbeth Hummel and Pascale Rivault. It’s the story of some noble people, vacationing in the French countryside to celebrate the marriage of theyr daughter with a very rich man. But nearby lives a dangerous beast … Fabulos scenes, by Sirpa Lane giving a footjob, a titsjob and a blowjob to the beast and Lisbeth Hummel who masturbates under the tights. (more…)

The Beast in Space

Tits and spaceships! Our nerd and geek friends will be glad of this batch. Plus, if we’re speaking of Sirpa Lane nude and Marina Lotar‘s boobs, the union is more interesting. The movie we’re presenting today is The Beast in Space, a work that tried to unify two successes in the same movie. On one hand, the success of The Beast directed by Walerian Borowczyk and with Sirpa Lane as the main character; on the other hand the return of the space genre, thanks to Star Wars, made a few years before. Furthermore, the director Alfonso Brescia had some costumes and accessories used for some science fiction movies of the ’70s, so they don’t make long discussions on the genre. The Beast in Space is a milestone in the ‘genre movies’: sex, science fiction, some Western style fistfights and even some hardcore scene in the uncut version.