Blood for Dracula

Following an Andy Wharol‘s project, the director Paul Morrissey made two movies in Italy, and they’re half horror and half comedy. One of these is Blood for Dracula, in which the famous earl goes to Italy looking for virgins’ blood. He choses Italy thinking that it’s a catholic nation, so he can find a lot of virgins. Poor Earl of Dracula! He finds only a few virgins, but for for our joy he finds nude and sexy beauties: Stefania Casini, Silvia Dionisio and Dominique Darel.

I prosseneti

Today we present another rare movie, I prosseneti, a movie that isn’t a masterpiece but it shows a long list of nude beauties. We start with Stefania Casini and Silvia Dionisio, then the very young Ilona Staller and a sensual Sonja Jeannine. All this ends with a mature Juliette Mayniel showing her breast. You can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it in our daily updated archives.

Il bacio di una morta

It’s a long time since we presented something with the beautiful Karin Schubert. In our archives you can find a rich filmography from the erotic comedy to hardcore movies, but there is still a lot of content to find. Today we’ve found a young and brunette Karin Schubert, from the movie Il bacio di una morta. Together with her, the beautiful Silvia Dionisio. You can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it in our daily updated archives.

Il… Belpaese

From B&W movies from the 40s and 50s to present days, we have analyzed many nude scenes. Our specialty, however, are the nude actresses from 70s cinema. Silvia Dionisio nude, for example, which is the heroine of our today’s update. The film from which we extracted the nude sequences is Il… Belpaese, a sad comedy that which protagonist is a man who comes back to Italy after having worked for many years on an oil rig. He finds a country immersed in terrorism and political protests. In the role of the beautiful protester we find Silvia Dionisio, that gives us some nice sequences, also full frontal nude.

La ragazza di nome Giulio

In the seventies, the homosexual themes dealt with by this film caused a scandal, no longer today, but still remain current. La ragazza di nome Giulio tells us the story of a girl trying to find her sexual balance after an experience at a young age with the family maid.
The main protagonist is Silvia Dionisio, the maid is Anna Moffo and there is a small scene for the legendary Malisa Longo too.

Murder Obsession

It is quite difficult finding new rare content day after day… but not for us! As a matter of facts, today we present the complete review of a quite rare movie: Murder Obsession. All the clips are now in HD. We love nude celebrities in HD! The beautiful actresses stripping in this movie are Silvia DionisioLaura Gemser and Anita Strindberg. The review and many HD clips to illustrate it are in our today update.

Terror Express

Terror Train (original title La ragazza del vagone letto) is an unpopular movie directed by Ferdinando Baldi. This movie isn’t a very good piece in its genre, and it’s quite far from the quality of L’ultimo treno della notte by Aldo Lado, to which it is inspired. But there is a very good reason to see it: the beautiful Silvia Dionisio and Zora Kerowa, both nude of course. And the blonde italian television showgirl from the 80s Fiammetta Flamini.

Tranquille donne di campagna

One of the best gift from Italian cinema: Serena Grandi nude. Her big boobs have been the erotic dream for, at least, three generations of men and her name on the movie poster was enough to make all the other disappear. Today we present her first time naked on the screen, with some clips from the movie Tranquille donne di campagna. Many think this movie is her first time on the big screen, but the soft Serena was before in the cast of Ring, in 1978, with the nickname Daria Norman. The movie we present today presents the first nude of this cinema icon-woman and, together with her, the naked beauties of Carmen Scarpitta and Silvia Dionisio.

Waves of Lust

Today update is very rich for those who love Silvia Dionisio‘s simple beauty. Today we present some clips from one of the most spicy movies in her career: Waves of Lust. A nice journey on a ship and two couples: this is an explosive mix. The other actress is Elizabeth Turner. They both show their bodies in different ways, often totally naked.