Action Jackson

Sharon Stone, naked and young, shows us her beautiful tits in this movie released in 1988. Together with her Vanity, a Canadian model and a singer in the musical group Vanity 6. Two fabulous nude actresses!

Basic Instinct 2

We usually present movies from the early ’70s to the ’90s but sometimes a good movie with an evaluable nude comes from contemporary production. So today we speak of Basic Instinct 2 with a beautiful and sensual Sharon Stone as the writer Catherine Tramell. We must underline also the presence of some nudes by the beautiful Flora Montgomery. You can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it, all in today update. Now in HD!

Basic Instinct

Among the high number of erotic scenes that movies left us, some are impressed in our memories more than others. One of these is that sequence in which Sharon Stone sat down and showed she wasn’t wearing underpants. A scene we’ve seen many times after that, with many different actresses. So we must include Basic Instinct, the movie which contains this scene, in cult movies archive. Now you can find a complete review and many astonishing clips in our archives.

Fading Gigolo

Sharon Stone nude is beautiful today as she was in Basic Instinct. If the script then puts her into a bed for a three people sex scene with the fabulous Sofía Vergara from Modern Family, the result is amazing. A few sequences, but all of a high standard, in the movie of which we speak today, Fading Gigolo. Tits, lingerie, black stockings … and everything shown in the HD video clips.


A year after the release of Basic Instinct Sharon Stone is still the protagonist of an erotic thriller. This time, however, she’s not the suspect, but a possible victim.
After a failed marriage the protagonist of Sliver changes house and tries to change her life. She moves into a palace and meets a man who will make her discover murky passions. But this man also has secrets, as well as being a good lover.