Shameless [Season 1]

New nude actresses from a TV serie. This time we present the first season of Shameless, of course with HD videos. This serie tells the story of the terrific Gallagher family, composed by an alcoholic father and many sons. This serie offers a lot of nude actresses, all beautiful. Sex scenes, a little BDSM, nude celebrities in the bathtub and in the swimming pool… the list of nude actresses is remarkable: Laura Wiggins, Emmy Rossum, Shanola Hampton and Amy Smart.

Shameless [Season 2]

After the nude actresses from the first season of Shameless, here we are to present the second season. We’re happy to see again the beautiful Emmy Rossum, Laura Wiggins and Shanola Hampton, all in interesting sequences. And three new actresses are added to our nude celebrities list in this season: Molly Price, Emma Greenwell and Stephanie Fantauzzi. If you know them, you’ll be happy to see them nude. If you don’t know them yet… you’ll be happy to see them nude.

Shameless [Season 3]

The first two seasons of Shameless satisfied us with many sequences of naked actresses, so it’s time to speak about the nudes from the third season. The list is long and with several good comebacks: Emmy Rossum, Emma Greenwell, Stephanie Fantauzzi and Shanola Hampton. Many interesting sequences, including Shanola Hampton in the role of supersexy nurse. And there are also new entries: the beautiful Galadriel Stineman, Isidora Goreshter and for the lovers of the MILF, there’s the blonde Lisa Long.

Shameless [Season 5]

Shameless‘s fifth season is a parade of nude actresses. The first four seasons had delighted us with several hot sequences, but the fifth season is even better. And the list of nude girls in front of the camera is so long that we don’t want to waste words and go straight to the point: Bojana Novakovic, Emily Bergl, Emma Greenwell, Emmy Rossum, Ileana Huxley, Kate Morgan Chadwick, Nichole Bloom, Sasha Alexander, Shani Atias and Shanola Hampton.
Best scene: Emmy Rossum enjoying while a boy licks between her legs. And Sasha Alexander is one of our favorite MILFs!

Shameless [Season 6]

Shameless is always more beautiful and the actresses are increasingly naked. The sixth season of this series dedicated to a weird dysfunctional family deserves 5 stars in the nudometer thanks to Rachel Rosenstein, who exhibits a fabulous full frontal nude.
In addition, among old acquaintances and new arrivals the nudes are really many. From the young sexy bombs to the MILF, all tastes are satisfied. The list of nude actresses is really long: Angeline Appel, Christine Kellogg-Darrin, Emma Greenwell, Emmy Rossum, Isidora Goreshter, Jocelin Albor, Maria Breese, Paige Diaz, Rachel Rosenstein, Sasha Alexander, Shanola Hampton and Sherilyn Fenn.

Shameless [Season 7]

Shameless is one of our most loved TV series and it’s not hard to see why. In addition to be a really cool TV series is also full of nude actresses. Emmy Rossum has collected a large number of admirers season after season, but she’s not the only beauty to take off her clothes. Over the years, new actresses have joined the long list of celebrities.
In the seventh season there are Ruby Modine and Sandra Hinojosa who get licked between their legs; there is Alyssa LeBlanc dressed as a sexy maid for a topless cleaning service; there are Shanola Hampton and Isidora Goreshter making a threesoome with a man; and then Emma Kenney, Arden Myrin