Animal Instincts II

Mmm, Shannon Whirry drives us crazy. And in Animal Instincts II she doubles, because there is an evil twin. And then there’s a voyeur neighbor, who puts cameras everywhere to spy on her. And there are Shannon’s friends: Debra K. Beatty, Shannon McLeod and Elizabeth Sandifer.
The film does not follow the plot of the first, but it doesn’t matter to us. We care about the flow of tits that you see in this film.

Animal Instincts

In Animal Instincts there is a policeman who has a beautiful wife. Unfortunately he can not have sex with her because he has some sexual problems. And then he organizes things in some other way, making her fuck with other men and spying on her with a video camera. The wife is played by Shannon Whirry, a sexy bomb with two fabulous tits. She agrees with her husband: he spies her and she fucks the cable guy, the milkman… and also another woman – Delia Sheppard – in a nice lesbian sequence.

Fatal Pursuit

A former policeman and a handsome British insurance investigator look for the stolen diamonds in a brutal robbery. Shannon Whirry is one of the sexiest actresses of the 90s. The movie is not the most beautiful we’ve seen, but Shannon Whirry is the reason why you watch this film. Shannon Whirry naked, obviously. The less known Tawnya Hall is also present in the cast.