American Pie 2

A second chapter was inevitable after the success of American Pie. And the second chapter arrived on time. In 2001 American Pie 2 arrives and this time to stimulate our senses there are Denise Faye and Lisa Arturo in a couple of really hot lesbian sequences.
The legendary Shannon Elizabeth returns, but she does not take off her clothes. She will still be able to excite you with her sexy clothes.

American Pie

It’s been almost twenty years since Porky’s and to collect his legacy comes American Pie. The plot is the classic one of American teen-movies, with the group of losers students who hope to lose their virginity. Jim Levenstein, the main protagonist, will succeed in having a sexual performance with the Czechoslovakian student Nadia, played by Shannon Elizabeth.
This film made Shannon Elizabeth famous all over the world. Many of us fell in love with her and we wanted to be in Jim’s place.

Jack Frost

A few days to Christmas and from the hits of the warm showers from sexy comedy we’re going to a cold bath, the one is having the beautiful Shannon Elizabeth with a snowman! The movie we’re speaking of is Jack Frost, in which a serial killer is shot, but comes back transformed in a snowman and starts his vengeange. It isn’t one of the best horror movies and in the 90s made a little caos in video rentals because there was a kids movie with the same title. But… this is the movie where we can see Shannon Elizabeth nude for the first time, even if it’s a partial nude. We can see the bottom but not nipples… and neither Jack Frost’s snowballs.