The Spectacular Now

If you hope to see Brie Larson nude or Shailene Woodley naked… well, this is not the best movie. The two beautiful actresses give us some sexy sequences, but nothing naked on the horizon. BUT… you can see a nipple of Brie Larson during a sex scene. Yes, a nipple!

White Bird in a Blizzard

The new year has finally started and we will guarantee a further twelve months of naked actresses. We start now with the beautiful Shailene Woodley, who shows herself in all her splendor in the movie White Bird in a Blizzard. Many sexy sequences that we present in HD quality. And if Shailene Woodley nude is not enough, other sequences show the fabulous Eva Green as the protagonist. No naked Eva, but a couple of super-sexy scenes that you must have in your collection.


Adrift is a true and dramatic story. A man and a woman meet, love each other, go on a boat adventure… and face one of the ugliest hurricanes in history.
There is a lot of tension in this movie. And drama, emotion, participation. But luckily there is also one of the rare nudes of Shailene Woodley, sitting down to meditate on the deck of the boat. And many scenes in bathing suits, with the wind touching the nipples and turning them on.