Acapulco, prima spiaggia a sinistra

In the movie Acapulco, prima spiaggia a sinistra Gigi and Andrea dream of having a fabulous holiday in Mexico, but end up going to Cesenatico beach like every year, hosted in the lowcost hotel of the aunt of one of the two. They can’t enjoy the beauties lying under the sun in the Acapulco bay, but can still enjoy the Italian beauty, which are many! In this film the nude scenes are not a great many, but the actresses who parade in front of us are many: Anna Kanakis, Fausta Pittoni, Gegia, Mirella Banti, Patricia Elisabetta Focardi, Serena Grandi and Simona Marchini.

Craving Desire

An erotic thriller from the ’90s, Craving Desire (original title is Graffiante desiderio) with a beautiful Vittoria Belvedere, very nice and sensual. In the same movie, you can admire the mythic Serena Grandi, who excites all of us even without getting naked. She is sexy as hell, only with a fine pair of black stockings. You can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it in our archives. Best scene in the movie: Vittoria Belvedere dancing naked with a friend. Plus: Simona Borioni full frontal.


Delirium (AKA Le foto di Gioia) is one of the first movies we presented in this site. The complete review and clips have been in our archives since the first days CinemaCult was born. So, now it’s time to substitute those clips with higher quality ones, and watch Serena Grandi and Sabrina Salerno nude at their best. Plus: Trine Michelsen. Thanks to these clips, you can admire two of the most beautiful Italian celebrities nude and … two of the most busty of ever. An update you can’t lose, as all our updates.

Delitto passionale

Delitto passionale is a little known film and it is a piece of the nude filmography of the legendary Serena Grandi, one of the most loved Italian actresses, especially loved by nude celebrity fans in the world. A thriller that does not offer much in terms of nudes, but that still gives us a couple of sequences with Serena’s wonderful and big breast. It is also a full frontal nude!

Desiderando Giulia

Today we propose another amazing journey in the Serena Grandi‘s nude filmography, with clips coming from one of the most popular movies among her fans: Desiring Julia. Beautiful, nude and with a pair of pantyhose with an hole front and back. Serena Grandi nude in this movie makes you losing your head. Together with her, Alessandra Izzo and an actress who rarely shows her breast: Valeria D’Obici. Three nude celebrities for all tastes, a new CinemaCult update you can’t loose. New high quality clip video from the uncut version.

Exploits of a Young Don Juan

All men leave for the war and a young boy has all the women at his disposal. In short, this is the plot of the movie Exploits of a Young Don Juan (original title L’iniziazione), inspired by the novel Les Exploits d’un jeune Don Juan written by the French poet Guillaume Apollinaire.
Summer of 1914. Roger spends his holidays in his father’s villa and is surrounded by women. All beautiful. The nude actresses parading before our eyes are fabulous, starting with the goddess Serena Grandi. And then Alexandra Vandernoot, Marion Peterson and Rosette (whose real name is Françoise Quéré).

Frivolous Lola

Lola is a sensual and uninhibited girl. Soon she will marry Masetto, a baker with strict traditions that wants her virgin until marriage. Instead, she seeks a master of love who teaches her the arts of sex. And she will find it. André, a fifty-year-old lover of Lola’s mother. Anna Ammirati plays Lola; Serena Grandi plays her mother Zaira. And if these two beauties are not enough, there are also Edith Rozanyai and Francesca Nunzi. A personal opinion on Francesca Nunzi: she is one of the most intriguing actresses in Italy.

L’insegnante di violoncello

Today we speacking about L’insegnante di violoncello, with a gorgeous sensual Serena Grandi. Unfortunately in this movie she isn’t completely naked (but other actresses offer good views 0n their beautiful bodies), but many scenes are extremely erotic. Not the best Serena Grandi movie, but full of soft skin under the sun.

La compagna di viaggio

Annamaria Rizzoli, Annie Belle, Marina Lotar, a young and hardly recognizable Moana Pozzi, and a very young Serena Grandi… How many movies we’re speaking of? Only one: La compagna di viaggio. It is one of those movies that shows a lot of nude celebrities. An update you can’t miss, a classical among our updates: many content and high quality!

La strana storia di Olga ‘O’

Today we introduce you a particular film rather and not a lot known: La strana storia di Olga ‘O’, with mythical Serena Grandi ones placed side by side from other beauties such as Daniela Poggi and Anna Petrova Maria. A movie that transmits erotism to our imagination, but there are in any case also scenes for nude skin lovers…

Lady of the Night

Serena Grandi is Angelina, alias Lady of the Night, one of the most requested and hard-to-find movies of one of the sexiest and sensual actresses in Italian cinema. She’s popular worldwide and gave her best in two movies directed by Tinto Brass (Miranda and Monella) and in this little jewel of erotism we’re presenting today. Always the best from CinemaCult !


After many years, we are able to find a new nude with the beautiful Serena Grandi. Today we present the movie Malamore, the last movie by Eriprando Visconti, made in Lomellina in 1982. It’s a love story between a rich dwarf and a smart prostitute, the fabulous Nathalie Nell. The prostitute’s collegues are Serena Grandi, Fiorella Molinari, Cinzia Cavalieri and Monica Scattini. A great list of nude bodies. You can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it, in our daily updated archives.


Italy, early 50s. A prosperous and uninhibited innkeeper awaits the return of her husband, lost in war. While waiting, the innkeeper goes to bed with several men in love with her.
The name of the innkeeper is Miranda and she’s played by Serena Grandi. With this movie, the prosperous Serena gains notoriety. Although she had already played in about fifteen films, it was with this Tinto Brass movie that her name began to travel around the world. Many unmissable sequences, including a scene in which Serena Grandi picks up her partner’s cock.
Along with Serena Grandi there is also an appearance by Malisa Longo, who participates in a threesome.

Pierino colpisce ancora

The teacher who falls down with her legs up, showing underpants and pantyhose stockings, the teacher who crosses her legs discovering two fabulous thighs under the desk, the teacher undressing in her room and is spied through the keyhole… They are all sequences that can be found in Pierino colpisce ancora, one of the many films dedicated to Pierino, who is the main character of many Italian jokes. And these films were made just by collecting dozens of these jokes, sewn together in an improbable plot. The sensual teacher is played by the beautiful Michela Miti, and among the various actors we can also admire a young and exciting Serena Grandi.

Rimini Rimini

A praetor on holiday, a strict defender of good customs and against pornography, while he’s on holiday in Rimini meets the beautiful Lola, interpreted by Serena Grandi. His strict beliefs will yield to the wonder that is the great breast of Serena Grandi? And more, a young priest and a young nun who stay in the middle of the sea, on a motorboat without petrol, half naked, will be able to resist the call of the naked skin? Especially if the nun is Elvire Audray? In Rimini Rimini are told the stories of many characters, almost all struggling with sexuality.

Roba da ricchi

Roba da ricchi is a comedy film made of episodes. Released in Italy at the end of the 80s. There are a few nude sequences, but there is a Serena Grandi nude that deserves the highest marks. The couple composed by Paolo Villaggio and Serena Grandi, which we had already enjoyed in Rimini Rimini, is re-proposed here. In front of Serena Grandi‘s tits there is not much to say. Observing them in silence and for a long time is all we can do.


There are many actresses that are always requested by our members but one of the most requested among these is Serena Grandi. All people like her. We’ve reviewed almost all her movies but there are a few that needs our attention now. Today we start with Teresa, a movie in which actresses undress just a little but where you can see some of the most highly erotic scenes with Serena Grandi.

Teste di quoio

Daniela Poggi, Licinia Lentini and Serena Grandi are the protagonists of Teste di quoio, an Italian comedy from the early eighties and forgotten by a great part of audience. Four amateur criminals break into an embassy and then realize that it has been moved. They then take the condos as hostages, but the outcome of their operation does not seem to have great chances of success. No nudes, but a great many of thighs.

Tranquille donne di campagna

One of the best gift from Italian cinema: Serena Grandi nude. Her big boobs have been the erotic dream for, at least, three generations of men and her name on the movie poster was enough to make all the other disappear. Today we present her first time naked on the screen, with some clips from the movie Tranquille donne di campagna. Many think this movie is her first time on the big screen, but the soft Serena was before in the cast of Ring, in 1978, with the nickname Daria Norman. The movie we present today presents the first nude of this cinema icon-woman and, together with her, the naked beauties of Carmen Scarpitta and Silvia Dionisio.