Compagni di scuola

A repatriation between schoolmates after fifteen years. A comedy among the most entertaining of the director and comedian Carlo Verdone. And also an opportunity to enjoy a pair of nude actresses. Eleonora Giorgi strips on the beach to take a midnight swim in front of the eyes of a former schoolmate. Serena Bennato takes off her shirt and shows us two tits that have nothing to envy to many other tits.

La professoressa di scienze naturali

Another interesting update! Today we present some movie clips from La professoressa di scienze naturali (AKA School Days) with a beautiful Lilli Carati, together with Ria De Simone and Serena Bennato (it is really a myth that scene in which Ria De Simone is covered with spaghetti by Gianfranco D’Angelo!).