All of me

Sabrina Salerno wears a white costume again and drives us crazy. In Boys he was in the pool, while for the song All of me our favorite singer was dancing on the beach. And not just wearing a white costume, but other beautiful costumes, including bikinis. A parade of unmissable beachwear.


Boys videoclip is beautiful. We always watch it with a touch of emotion. We want to describe it: Sabrina Salerno wears a transparent white costume. He dives into a pool and sings jumping and dancing in the water.
Her huge tits jump out of her costume continuously. We sing with her and we are totally hypnotized by her tits.


Delirium (AKA Le foto di Gioia) is one of the first movies we presented in this site. The complete review and clips have been in our archives since the first days CinemaCult was born. So, now it’s time to substitute those clips with higher quality ones, and watch Serena Grandi and Sabrina Salerno nude at their best. Plus: Trine Michelsen. Thanks to these clips, you can admire two of the most beautiful Italian celebrities nude and … two of the most busty of ever. An update you can’t lose, as all our updates.

Fratelli d’Italia

Bikini, big tits… and beautiful celebrities! Fratelli d’Italia is an Italian comedy of the late 80s with two exceptional actresses: Nathalie Caldonazzo and Sabrina Salerno.
It is certainly not one of the best moviess released in Italy, but these two actresses are worth the price of the ticket. Sabrina Salerno has not acted in many movies, but every time she appears on the screen it drives us crazy!

Professione Vacanze

Professione Vacanze is an Italian TV series from 1987. A fun and carefree comedy. As for naked actresses it’s a wasted opportunity. We have Isabel Russinova, Jenny Tamburi, Laura Troschel, Mara Venier, Marina Viro and Sabrina Salerno. And no one takes off his clothes.
But the bikinis are so many and we can also enjoy the sight of some nice ass.

Stars 80

We all remember when Sabrina Salerno danced in the pool at the end of the 80s. She wore a white costume and her beautiful tits could be seen in transparency.
Even the characters of Stars 80 remember that fabulous image. They are two fans of the 80s with a project: bring back on stage the celebrities of those years.
Twenty-five years after her first dance in the pool, Sabrina Salerno returns to dive with her transparent white costume.

Tutti in palestra

Tutti in palestra was made in 1987, but was broadcast on television only in 1989. It’s a series in three episodes that takes place in a gym. The topic is simple: the love and romantic adventures of the gym goers.
We are particularly interested in the gym visitors, because they are some of the most beautiful and sensual celebrities of that period. The names? Jenny Tamburi, Mara Venier, Marina Viro, Pamela Prati and Sabrina Salerno.
You would have liked to have a card for this gym, right?

Yeah Yeah

Those of Sabrina Salerno are the most famous tits of Italy in the late 80’s and 90’s. Deservedly, because her tits were fabulous. And certainly the years have not influenced this beauty, because her tits are still one of the wonders of Italy. Big and soft and… oh, we can’t talk about her without touching ourselves.
We looked forward to seeing his music videos on television, like this Yeah Yeah. Best boobs ever!