Anche i commercialisti hanno un’anima

Another piece in the nudography of Sabrina Ferilli. This Italian actress with big breasts has dreamed of a generation of men, but she has always stripped very little. We have scanned all his filmography to find every sequence of nude and in this fun comedy of the 90s Sabrina Ferilli gives us a nice moment in the shower. Those boobs are wonderful.

A ruota libera

A classic Italian comedy of the 2000s, taken from a play by Vincenzo Salemme, who is also the director of the film. Why are we interested? Because in the film there are two actresses with fabulous tits, among our favorites in Italy. Their names? Manuela Arcuri and Sabrina Ferilli. There are no nude scenes, but Manuela Arcuri‘s ass is a fantastic bonus.

La bella vita

La bella vita is one of the most interesting films for Sabrina Ferilli fans. She is young, she is beautiful, and she gives us several interesting sequences that have her fabulous breast as protagonist.
The story of a happy couple that stops being a happy couple, with crises and betrayals. But for us it is also the story of one of the most beautiful breasts of Italian cinema ever.

Natale a New York

Sabrina Ferilli under a porch, in stockings, completely wet after a downpour. Supersexy. Elisabetta Canalis comes out of a swimming pool with a stunning white bikini. Ultrasexy.
There are no nude actresses at Natale a New York, but there are two goddesses, two of the most beautiful Italian women.

Diary of a Maniac

Sometimes we like to explore anything different from “amarcord” genre… but this must be something not very recent. An example is one of the movie we present today: Diary of a Maniac with an almost thin Sabrina Ferilli nude in all her brightness, sensual and soft as ever. Her interpretation here is a little jewel, with the beautiful Sabrina together with an unusual Gerry Calà in a dramatical part.

The Great Beauty

After fifteen years an Italian movie wins the Oscar as the best foreigner film. It’s The Great Beauty by Paolo Sorrentino. We celebrate it with another great beauty: the nude celebrities from this movie. Starting with Anita Kravos‘ total naked scene, to Sabrina Ferilli‘s striptease, and then the delicate and rare Galatea Ranzi and Annaluisa Capasa‘s nudes. They’ll enter your list of favourite scenes. The full movie review and six video clips are in our archives, in HD.


A lot of people ask us about Valentina, the TV show with the fabulous Demetra Hampton. It is inspired by the popular comic designed by Guido Crepax. These days we’ve been preparing a review for any episode and they’re all illustrated with many clips. We’re collecting the best scenes with Demetra Hampton and the other actresses (Sabrina Ferilli, Isabelle Illiers, Eleonora Vallone, Mapi Galán, Lorella Morlotti, Regina Rodriguez). You can find the first reviews in our daily updated archives.

Caramelle da uno sconosciuto

A young Sabrina Ferilli with her big tits in the wind and a pair of transparent panties. And a fabulous Marina Suma naked and lying on a bed. Which do you prefer of these two? No problem: you do not have to make the effort of deciding. In our last update we present the movie Caramelle da uno sconosciuto and we offer both. Nude celebrities who play prostitutes, opening their overcoats in front of the camera to show off their bodies. You will love these videos.