Rosario Dawson nude! We’ve always loved this actress, especially after seeing her shredded pussy in Trance, one of the best nudity in film in 2013. Today we present her in a long and exciting sequence from the movie Alexander. In HD, of course, not to miss a single detail of this show and to enjoy the actress’s round tits. Next to her, a quick nude scene by Angelina Jolie.

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

Eva Green with the body in black and white, and red lips is a heavenly vision. The nudity that we show today is an excerpt from Sin City: A Dame to Kill For and we are confident that you will enjoy them. In addition to Eva Green, you can also enjoy Juno Temple nude. And some sequences supersexy with Rosario Dawson and Jessica Alba, engaged to entertain the customers of a nightclub with breathtaking ballets. All the nude scenes taken from this masterpiece are in our archives, in HD.

Sin City

Sin City is a masterpiece and everyone has already said it. So we’ll deal with another Sin City, that of nude actresses. Or sexy actresses. Or beautiful actresses. First of all: Carla Gugino. We adore this woman. In this movie she’s attractive, beautiful, sensual… and naked! Three letters to describe her: WOW. And then there are four other wonders: Brittany Murphy, Jaime King, Jessica Alba and Rosario Dawson. All supersexy, but we want to highlight the ballet of Jessica Alba. Another WOW.


We’re specialized in cult nude celebrities from the past, but we can’t forget today nude celebs. So today we present an unforgettable nude, the one of the beautiful Rosario Dawson. In the movie Trance she gave what is probably the best nude from 2013. We updated our archives with a couple of HD clips from this movie and… yes, it’s shaved!