Diet of Sex

Agata and Marc meet and fall in love with each other. Agata has to make a decision between engaging in a serious story or keep on changing beds and boyfriends? Her parents oppose to her relationship, she feels as having a barrier that prevents her from enjoying the full sex… in short, this love story has solid walls to break down for it to work. Diet of Sex is a romantic Spanish comedy made with no brakes or overhead lights. Sex scenes are visible as in a hardcore movie, but it’s not a hardcore movie. Sex has a very important role and therefore is shown without censorship; fucks and blowjobs are interwoven with the plot and are shown to the public. Maybe the director Borja Brun did not realize anything completely new, but certainly brave enough. Raquel Martínez, the protagonist, in her simple beauty will capture you completely and the scenes from this movie will make you excited at the most!