Rachel McAdams and Rachel Weisz kiss each other and put each other’s hands in their panties. Then Rachel McAdams lies on the floor, Rachel Weisz spits in her mouth and they kiss again. Following, oral sex and moans. This lesbian sequence from the movie Disobedience is really exciting and no one takes off her clothes. At least not all clothes.
Few nudes: an ass sitting on the bed and a breast after a shower. Yet Disobedience, with its many sapphic kisses, is a movie that gives us extremely exciting moments.

The Notebook

Can a poor man and a rich woman get married and live happily? Unfortunately, almost always this is a very romantic but impractical idea. And in fact the characters of The Notebook meet, they like each other, they had fabulous sex… but then everyone comes back to his world.
If you are a fan of Rachel McAdams, the scenes from this movie are the hottest shoots of this beautiful actress. Scenes that were cut for the theatre version and then included in the special contents of the home video edition.

To the Wonder

Marina and Neil fall in love in Paris, then go to live in Oklahoma, where problems begin for them. And one of the problems is an old friend of Neil, beautiful. Interpreted by Rachel McAdams. She is really fabulous, but even Marina is a girl much more than attractive. In fact it is interpreted by Olga Kurylenko.
Two stratospheric beauties, two nude actresses on the screen, two very valid reasons to watch the sequences taken from To the Wonder.

True Detective [Season 2]

After Alexandra Daddario‘s super boobs in the first season of True Detective, expectations for the second season were very high.
Unfortunately, epic scenes did not arrive, but the female cast of this season is still very respectable. Few boobs, lots of stimulating scenes and Rachel McAdams who is a very hot kickass girl. Kelly Reilly, Weronika Rosati and Jacqui Holland are the actresses who show us their tits.