A Clockwork Orange

A brilliant director, a masterpiece movie and many, many naked actresses. A gang of delinquents, an experimental therapy to convert the aforementioned offenders, a plan that does not go exactly as it should be and so many naked actresses.
The network will provide you with hundreds of essays on the artistic value of A Clockwork Orange. We are here to tell you about the only aspect that almost everyone will have forgotten to mention: nude actresses.
A long list: Adrienne Corri, Barbara Scott, Carol Drinkwater, Cheryl Grunwald, Gillian Hills, Jana Adair, Katya Wyeth, Prudence Drage, Virginia Wetherell and Vivienne Chandler.

Adventures of a Plumber’s Mate

Adventures of a Plumber’s Mate is the third of a trilogy of “adventures” that also includes the movies Adventures of a Taxi Driver and Adventures of a Private Eye. Sid South is a plumber who loves his job a lot, since it allows him to take a lot of eager wife to bed.
The list of nude actresses is particularly for all tastes: Christine Donna, Claire Davenport, Lindy Benson, Nina West, Prudence Drage, Suzy Mandel and Tessa Skola. Red hair, lingerie, showers… The nude sequences are many and the movie deserves 5 stars!

Adventures of a Taxi Driver

If you think the taxi driver is a hard job, you should carefully observe the adventures of Joe North. He is a London taxi driver with considerable luck in terms of female clients. In fact, very often Joe brings them to bed!
So many tits in this movie, a striptease, a long hot bath… the usual moments that catch our attention. The nude actresses are Angela Scoular, Anna Bergman, Gloria Maley, Jane Hayden and Prudence Drage.