Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Many asks for more content on Phoebe Cates, beautiful actress, very famous after the movie Paradise. Today Phoebe is a beautiful middle age woman who likes being a mom and owns a vintage dress shop in the upper east side in NY. In the past, she was the main actress in the movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High, together with the beautiful Jennifer Jason Leigh.


A young actress, cheeky and without morals, brings together in a house three former schoolmates to find out which of the three women is her mother. Lace is a 1984 TV Mini-Series that is a long flashback and that doesn’t reveal the truth to the last minutes. But in the first few minutes reveals to us Phoebe Cates in a couple of supersexy sequences. We would have preferred Paradise style sequences, but Phoebe Cates is always beautiful to watch.


When I’m with you it’s paradise / No place on earth could be so nice… In the 80s we all hummed this song, fascinated by the beautiful Phoebe Cates who was the singer but also the main actress of the homonymous film.
Paradise was the first movie with Phoebe Cates and many fell in love with her. Maybe not everyone was particularly involved in the story of these two teenagers in the Victorian era, the only survivors of a caravan for Damascus, hunted by the Jackal who wants to add the beautiful Phoebe to his harem. But everyone was involved in the sweet beauty of Phoebe Cates nude.

Private School

Other classic films, other celebrities nude in HD. Today is the turn of Private School, a comedy from the 80’s about a girls’ boarding school full of beautiful girls. And in front of this college is a boys’ school. No need to say anything else. Jokes, laughter… and especially boobs. From those beautiful Betsy Russell. You can’t miss her nudes. Even Phoebe Cates naked is fabulous, but in this film gives us only shots of her ass. Better than nothing, though. And then Sylvia Kristel, Brinke Stevens, Julie Payne, Kari Lizer, Kathleen Wilhoite and Lynda Wiesmeier. All in HD. Are they enough?