Nathalie, also known as Natali, also known as Adorable et sensuelle Nathalie, also known by another dozen titles, is an erotic movie between softcore and hardcore.
Nathalie is played by Marcella Petrelli, an actress who is little known but with many admirers, especially in Italy. In the movie there is a bit of everything: oral sex, blowjobs, lesbian scenes, penetrations… Unfortunately, Marcella Petrelli only plays softcore scenes.
There are two other actresses: the almost unknown Grazia de Giorgi and the pornstar Pauline Teutscher, who shot a lot of softcore and hardcore movies between the 70s and 80s.

Quello strano desiderio

Quello strano desiderio is a very high level Z-movie. Two aliens participate in a television competition (TV of their planet of course) and win a trip to the planet earth, hosted in the body of two accountants from Bari (!). On our planet they will begin to learn our traditions, but especially to admire a lot of naked women!
The aliens will have the pleasure of meeting many queens of the Italian erotic cinema (and French cinema too): Dirce Funari, Marina Lotar, Leda Simonetti, Antonella Antinori, Giada Gerini, Maria D’Alessandro, Pauline Teutscher
Our favorite scene? A beautiful lesbian sequence of Leda Simonetti, in which we admire, among other things, a perfect ass and sexy black stockings.

Sapore di zia

It’s always a pleasure to enjoy a good Italian porn of the 80s. Sapore di zia presents us some actresses who are among the first faces of Italian hardcore cinema: Sabrina Mastrolorenzi and Laura Levi. Two classic girls next door, buxom and intriguing. Along with them, two other names that have interpreted dozens of films: Sandy Samuel and Pauline Teutscher.
Nothing is missing: oral sex, blowjobs, threesome, double penetration… A movie that deserves 5 full stars.