Let’s come back to vintage Italian comedy. This is a movie with a great quality: some beautiful nude celebrities. The title is Coeds (original title Classe mista) and it shows the goodies of many beautiful women: the redhead Dagmar Lassander and the blonds Femi Benussi and Patrizia Webley.

Malabimba: The Malicious Whore

Patrizia Webley is no doubt one of the most beloved actresses here. She’s so sexy and exciting that you can see her in the worste movie, too. In example, Malabimba: The Malicious Whore isn’t a masterpiece but it offers a lot of nude scenes whit the beautiful Patrizia and two more: Katell Laennec and Mariangela Giordano. These last two are also in a lesbo scene. You can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it in our daily updated archives.

Movie Rush

Another update of those you can find only on CinemaCult. Unlike most sites dedicated to nude actresses – you know – we are collectors constantly looking for rare contents. Rare as Movie Rush, 1976, that was lost for decades. In this movie Marilda DonàPatrizia Webley and Loredana Bertè play nude together, all the movie long. The film begins as a parody on silent film and gradually turns into an erotic farce, with really hardcore sequences for a comedy. As our hero, a young Massimo Boldi who, with a rubber phallus, fucks all the three beautiful actresses. You can find the video clips taken from this movie in our daily updated archives. An absolute rarity.

Play Motel

We’re always looking for rare movies and today we present a really rare one: Play Motel, an erotic detective story with some hardcore shadows. Among the main characters, there are three beautiful women: Annamaria Rizzoli, Marina Lotar, Patrizia Bhen, Patrizia Webley and Ulla Johannsen. Marina Lotar is the one who gives more in terms of nude skin but also the others are quite undressed, especially a pair of close up between the Webley’s legs. The complete movie review and some clips are in today update, finally in HD!

Salon Kitty

A big parade of nude celebrities in HD. Salon Kitty is on of the most controversial movies by Tinto Brass. It is based on the novel by Peter Norden, with long sex scenes and many of the actresses we like. Paola SenatoreMalisa LongoTeresa Ann SavoyRosemarie LindtPatrizia Webley… The list of nude actresses in this movie is long. In our archives you can find a complete review and some astonishing clips, all in HD.