Madness – Vacanze per un massacro

Lorraine De Selle‘s admirers would be happy to know that today we’re presenting Vacanze per un massacro by Fernando Di Leo. This movie is known also as Madness, a title that was given one year later when after the first great flop. This isn’t one of the best productions for Fernando Di Leo but it shows a fabulous Lorraine De Selle naked and with very intriguing scenes. Full frontal nude! Plus, Patrizia Behn nude. On CinemaCult, you can find the complete review and many clips to illustrate it.

Play Motel

We’re always looking for rare movies and today we present a really rare one: Play Motel, an erotic detective story with some hardcore shadows. Among the main characters, there are three beautiful women: Annamaria Rizzoli, Marina Lotar, Patrizia Bhen, Patrizia Webley and Ulla Johannsen. Marina Lotar is the one who gives more in terms of nude skin but also the others are quite undressed, especially a pair of close up between the Webley’s legs. The complete movie review and some clips are in today update, finally in HD!