Le seminariste

We go on in our research of very rare movies. Today we speak of a funny comedy, Le seminariste, that offers us a fine group of nude actresses among which we can find Daniela Doria, Gisela Hahn, Gloria Piedimonte and Paola Tedesco. A great cult movie for collectors, that comes with a complete review and many clips to illustrate it.


Nerone by Pingitore and Castellacci is a medium level parody. It is funny among those movies batching history and humor but nothing more. The very interesting aspect in this movie is the quality of nude skin, that appears many times. Maria Grazia Buccella (as Poppea), Marina Marfoglia and a full nude by Paola Tedesco. Even a very young and uncredited Carmen Russo. In today update you can find the full movie review and 11 video clips.