A.A.A. Massaggiatrice bella presenza offresi…

Today we present a very rare movie, and CinemaCult can let you watch some astonishing clips. The movie we’re speaking of is A. A. A. Massaggiatrice bella presenza offresi…, with the beautiful Paola Senatore, almost always nude. In our daily updated archives you can find eight video clips that will please the fans of Paola Senatore naked. An update you can’t loose!


The mediocre actor Bruno Martel, betrayed by his wife and kicked out of a set, falls back on the porn cinema. Bad luck haunts him and he argues with the porn producer too. Action is a film by Tinto Brass, with less nude scenes than his works from the eighties on. The film is still unmissable for those who want to see all the scenes with Paola Senatore naked. His fans will be happy to see these beautiful sequences. Nude with her: Adriana Asti and Susanna Javicoli.


Nude celebrities and shaved cunts. This must be the beginning every day. The movie we present today has three fabulos celebrities. The title is Càlamo. We start with Paola Montenero, with some total naked scenes and all shaved! Paola Senatore nude is the second ingredient in this recipe and we don’t need more words; she’s one of the actresses who entered the Gotha of the nude cinema and here she is forever. At the end, some rare Valeria Moriconi‘s nudes, an actress who rarely showed her nude body to che camera. Another unforgettable update, with a complete movie review and many astonishing clips.

Come cani arrabbiati

Finally, we’re back presenting new content with Paola Senatore naked! A beautiful HD sequence in which she strips and then dresses up, wearing black stockings with a hot sensuality. And more, some total nude scenes for all your tastes. In addition to her, other popular celebrities among nude actress collectors: Gloria Piedimonte and Annarita Grapputo. The sequences are taken from a film called: Come cani arrabbiati and we present the videos in HD. Rare material that you can find only on CinemaCult.

Eaten Alive!

Eaten Alive! One of the most famous cannibal movies from the last century, signed by the mythical Umberto Lenzi. Less cruel than you can think from the title, it shows a lot of good nude skin. We start with the fabulous Paola Senatore, then we go on with a super sexy Janet Agren and we finisch with Me Me Lay, an asian actress who often played in many of these movies during the ’70s and ’80s. This is a cult movie for many reasons, but we’re interested in only one: nude celebrities. For this reason, the score for this movie is very high. You can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it in our daily updated archives.

Emanuelle in America

Laura GemserLorraine De SelleMarina LotarPaola SenatoreCristina MinutelliMaria Renata FrancoEleni StavrouMaria Pia RegoliGota GobertRenate Kasché and Stefania Nocilli, all in the same movie! A dream? No, that’s real! This film is Emanuelle in America and it is one of the best. An explosive Laura Gemser, Paola Senatore at her best, Stefania Nocilli acting as a model and Marina Lother uncredited, she’s running away from a false Tarzan. Also, a very sexy Lorraine De Selle nude and bisex, uncredited. Softcore, hardcore, lesbo, oral sex, masturbation… You can not miss these clips from the uncut version.

Il ginecologo della mutua

Here is one of the most ‘strong’ movies with Renzo Montagnani, with the direction of Joe D’Amato. The jokingly Renzo Montagnani is surrounded by many beauties, all staying in his medical office, he is a gynecologist. This movie, Il ginecologo della mutua, has a big list of beauties: Paola Senatore, Isabella Biagini, Loretta Persichetti, Daniela Doria, Dirce Funari… and so more!

Images in a Convent

It is hard to speak about the genre called nunsploitation (also called tonaca-movie in Italy), without mentioning the famous Images in a Convent by the master Joe D’Amato. He signed this movie thrice: with the alias Tom Salima for subject, as Aristide Massaccesi and for photography direction and as Joe D’Amato as director.
This movie is between hard and softcore and was immediatly censored in Italy, so the most widespread version was of about 68 minutes. This movie came also with a difference from the movies of the time in which hard scenes were added in a second time; here hard scenes were cut.
The main characters, wiht very interesting scenes, are the mythical Paola Senatore and Marina Lotar (here with the alias Marina Hedman).

L'infermiera di notte

Today update presents four beautiful actresses: Gloria GuidaPaola SenatoreAnnamaria Clementi and Francesca Romana Coluzzi. You can’t imagine more than these. The movie is L’infermiera di notte, a little jewel in italian erotic comedy, with many scenes with nudes . You can find a complete review and many astonishing clips to illustrate it.

La dottoressa preferisce i marinai

New sexy comedies, new clips with Paola Senatore nude. Today we speak of a comic movie, without many ambitions but with a fabulous Paola Senatore, together with the sensual beauty of Sabrina Siani. Unfortunatly she is never nude but with guepiere and light blue stockings. The movie is La dottoressa preferisce i marinai and it’s another good piece in the great Paola Senatore‘s filmography. You can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it in our daily updated archives.

La settimana al mare

Another classic in Italian erotic comedy: La settimana al mare. It isn’t the best work in Mariano Laurenti‘s filmography, but we from Cinemacult aren’t so much interested in movies storyboards, we’re more interested in nude skin. Here we find an amazing group of three nude celebrities: Paola Senatore, Anna Maria Rizzoli and Annamaria Clementi. Paola Senatore gives us a short full frontal scene.


After so many years we’re still interested in finding the rarest scenes. Today update presents the rare movie Malombra, a cocktail of sensuality thanks to the bodies of the popular actress Paola Senatore together with Scilla Jacu and Gloria Brini. For this rare movie we added the complete review and astonishing clips.


Another erotic jewel by Salvatore Samperi, the director of Thank You, Aunt and Malicious. These movies transformed Lisa Gastoni and Laura Antonelli in two sexy icons from Italian cinema. With Nené the director came back to an artistic value in cinema, after his almost commercial period. In this movie the nude celebrities are some of the most requested by our members: Leonora Fani and Paola Senatore. Unfortunately nude scenes are few. The movie is made more of erotic excitation than sex scenes, but these few minutes are fabulous.

Non stop sempre buio in sala

A movie that will make you screaming for joy: Non stop sempre buio in sala, the first and unique hardcore movie with Paola Senatore. Yes, Paola Senatore hardcore movie! In her filmography you can see other hardcore movies, such as the famous La sfida erotica with Marina Lotar, but they are made with cuts and scenes from Non stop sempre buio in sala.


Penombra is the third title of a trilogy made by Bruno Gaburro where the main character is the soft skin of Paola Senatore. It’s a movie realized putting together different scenes from the first two movies (Maladonna and Malombra). Plus, he added a new part. There are many nudes, full frontal too. The stripping actresses are: Paola Senatore, Claudia Cavalcanti, Marcella Petrelli and a very young Carmen Di Pietro.

Ricco the Mean Machine

Paola Senatore naked, Barbara Bouchet nude and Malisa Longo naked. A trio of Italian cinema icons naked, but also an international one. They are all the main characters of the film Ricco the Mean Machine and they all three are naked in front of the camera. Barbara Bouchet performs a stunning striptease, Malisa Longo states topless or in bikinis for most of the movie and Paola Senatore gives us a beautiful scene of classic sex in bed. Three nude actresses that you can enjoyed in the video clips in our archives.

Salon Kitty

A big parade of nude celebrities in HD. Salon Kitty is on of the most controversial movies by Tinto Brass. It is based on the novel by Peter Norden, with long sex scenes and many of the actresses we like. Paola SenatoreMalisa LongoTeresa Ann SavoyRosemarie LindtPatrizia Webley… The list of nude actresses in this movie is long. In our archives you can find a complete review and some astonishing clips, all in HD.

The Killer Reserved Nine Seats

The Killer Reserved Nine Seats is a thriller movie from the early ’70s. It’s quite boring but it has a sensational cast. Four italian movie icons: Paola Senatore, Janet Agren, Lucretia Love and Eva Czemerys.They all have nude scenes in this movie. A fabulous poker for nude actresses lovers. You can find a complete review and many HD clips to illustrate it in our daily updated archives.

Where Can You Go Without the Little Vice?

The movie we present today is already in our archives, but we added new clips and substituded old clips with higher quality videos. This movie is a great classic from Italian comedy: Where Can You Go Without the Little Vice?. Totally nude for our eyes are Paola Senatore, Lory Del Santo, Angie Vibeker and Danila Trebbi. Unforgettable.