Amori, letti e tradimenti

We’re back to the ’70s with a classic and pleasant sexy comedy: Amori, letti e tradimenti. An interesting movie, besides the poor story, with many beauties. First, the beautiful Malisa Longo, then Marisa Mell and the less popular Paola Maiolini, cute and sexy. You can find a good review with many clips to illustrate it in our daily updated archives.

Baby Love

The movie we present today has been requested by our members for a long time: Baby Love, a modern fable set in Balsorano Castle. The main characters are Paola Maiolini and Violette Lafont. The first one is one of the icons from the ’70s Italian erotic cinema and in this movie she appears in the cast as Katia Wassel, while unfortunately the second worked only in this movie. Of course our members have requested this movie because they would like to see Paola Maiolini nude. And she doesn’t disappoint them! But also Violette Lafond is worth admiring her beautiful body.

Cuginetta… amore mio!

We’re back speaking of the beautiful, sensual and beloved Ria De Simone, presenting a full review and many clips from a quite rare movie, Cuginetta… amore mio!, where we can see a fabulous scene where she’s totally naked. Ria doesn’t need any presentation: she’s busty and sexy, all the nude cinema belovers like her. Other nude celebrities in this movie are: Paola Maiolini, Rita Moscatelli and Ziggy Zanger. You can’t miss these video clips.

Emanuelle Around the World

We’re back speaking of the beautiful Laura Gemser, one of the most requested by our members. There is a complete review for the movie Emanuelle Around the World (original title: Emanuelle, perché violenza alle donne?), another chapter in the history of Emanuelle Nera, signed by Joe D’Amato. Together with Laura Gemser, are three famous actresses in ’70s erotic movies: Brigitte Petronio, Paola Maiolini and Karin Schubert. You can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it, in today update.

Images in a Convent

It is hard to speak about the genre called nunsploitation (also called tonaca-movie in Italy), without mentioning the famous Images in a Convent by the master Joe D’Amato. He signed this movie thrice: with the alias Tom Salima for subject, as Aristide Massaccesi and for photography direction and as Joe D’Amato as director.
This movie is between hard and softcore and was immediatly censored in Italy, so the most widespread version was of about 68 minutes. This movie came also with a difference from the movies of the time in which hard scenes were added in a second time; here hard scenes were cut.
The main characters, wiht very interesting scenes, are the mythical Paola Senatore and Marina Lotar (here with the alias Marina Hedman).

Per amore di Poppea

Ancient Rome has always given a lot of ideas for the Italian nude comedy. An example is the movie we’re presenting today: Per amore di Poppea. A movie with Maria Baxa nude and gorgeous. This movie was already in our archives, but now we added some new clips, with high resolution. Maria Baxa’s fans and all the nude cinema belovers will enjoy this unmissable update from CinemaCult!

The Erotic Adventures of Robinson Crusoe

Cinema presented many versions of the castaway Robinson Crusoe, but that of the director Ken Dixon is perhaps one of the best. Or at least it is from the point of view of Robinson himself, who ends up shipwrecked on an island with beautiful naked women. Or, better, naked actresses, to enjoy our users. An exceptional cast, with some undisputed icons of naked cinema starting with Malisa Longo to Paola Maiolini and Lina Romay. Poor Robinson will meet them all, at least until the arrival of Friday, which will give him a hand. The title of this rare film is The Erotic Adventures of Robinson Crusoe and the list of naked actresses here is long. In addition to the three mentioned above, these are: Barbara Lee, Colette Descombes, Eva Carson, Eva Maria Gabriel, Macha Magall, Natasha Neal and Ulla La. As always, you will find the video clips from this movie in our archives.

The Red Nights of the Gestapo

Among all the movies from the naziploitation genre, The Red Nights of the Gestapo is no doubt the softer. A little blood, few sadism but a lot of tits! Many nude celebrities shows their beauties on the screen, and some are already known to the cult cinema collectors: Isabell marchall, Rosita Torosh and Paola Maiolini, together with almost unknown as Alessandra PalladinoAlmina De SanzioCarla Schiavanovic and Inga Alexandrova. A long tits and total nudes parade, as usual from our archives.