Fraulein Kitty

These days we’re taking care of our members more than usual, we’re working to satisfy some requests of special content. We go back to the 70s with one of the most popular actresses among our users: Malisa Longo.
Today we present the movie Elsa Fräulein SS, in which we can admire her in many ways and many nude scenes. In our daily update you can find the complete review and many clips to illustrate it.

Lorna the Exorcist

From the big filmography of Lina Romay, today we present a movie with some very interesting scenes. It’s Lorna, the exorcist and it’s rich of nude celebrities. It includes also some soft-lesbo scenes with Lina Romay and the beautiful Pamela Stanford and Catherine Lafferière. In this move there is also Jacqueline Laurent nude, in some funny scenes in which some crabs are going out her pussy (!). A strange horror made by Jesús Franco, in which the main character is stalked by and ex girlfriend who’s a sort of witch. As in all Franco’s movies, there are tons of nude scenes.

Sexy Sisters

Pamela Stanford naked, Karine Gambier nude and many breathtaking video clips. This is today’s menu for our fans of nude celebrities. Footage taken from a film by Jesús Franco titled Sexy Sister, full of eroticism and sensuality. It ‘s the story of a countess and her nymphomaniac sister who must keep her locked to prevent jumping on every man who approaches her. Integral nudes, lesbian scenes, a bit of BDSM … we have all the ingredients for an erotic film of high quality. The videos can be found in our archives, in high definition.