The Arena

In 1974 the director Steve Carter, together with Joe D’Amato, made a movie on the events after Spartacus by Stanley Kubrick: The Arena (AKA La rivolta delle gladiatrici). In the English version, the direction was signed as by Carver alone, while for the Italian version Aristide MassacesiJoe D’Amato‘s real name – used one of his many alias: Michael Wotruba. The movie isn’t boring but it isn’t a masterpiece. The beautiful Pam Grier, the queen of blackspoitation, adds beauty to the scenes. Her big tits and those of other actresses are our main interest. Not only Pam Grier nude, but also other fabulous actresses: Maria Pia ConteMarie Louise SinclairLucretia Love and Margaret Markov. A triumph of nude celebrities, an update you can’t miss.

Women in Cages

We’re back to the genre Women in Prison (AKA W.I.P.), and we speak of a very interesting movie: Women in Cages, by the Filipino director Gerardo de Leon. The story is almost the same story of every women in prison movie. A number of women, many of them innocent, end up arrested and imprisoned in a prison in the middle of nowhere and run by sadistic lesbian perpetrators. Obviously, the prisoner’s uniform is a kind of dressing gown that leaves everything uncovered. All very credible.
Women in Cages offers us a nice list of nude actresses, starting with the legendary Pam Grier. She plays the prison director.
Together with her: Judith Brown, Roberta Collins and Sofia Moran.