In 1974 Eleonora Giorgi and Ornella Muti, very young, interpreted one of the scandalous film of the Italian cinema of the 70s: Appassionata. The film shows them in the role of two young vicious trying to seduce a dentist. Eleonora Giorgi was 21 and Ornella Muti 19, so we can admire them in their highest beauty. Total naked, or with lingerie… A continual delight for the eyes. The videos derived from these films have been in our archives for a long time, but finally today we can present them in HD. An update that you can not miss!

L'amante bilingue

Ornella Muti nude, desirous and very sensual. We’re speaking of the sex sequences from the movie L’amante bilingue, a film by Vicente Aranda made at the beginning of the ’90s. Ornella Muti‘s fans can’t be indifferent in front of these hot scenes with their preferred actress. Tights without underwear, total nudes, dirty speaks… a list of fabulous videos. There’s also an interesting sex scene with the Spanish actress Loles Leòn, who presents a close-up of her beautiful round ass.

La ragazza di Trieste

An elderly artist runs to the aid of a very beautiful young woman who is drowning. A woman played by Ornella Muti, so you can believe it when we tell you she’s very beautiful.
He falls in love with her and his free spirit, but soon he begins to suspect that this free spirit is actually a form of madness.
Ornella Muti shows us her naked body in detail and also Mimsy Farmer gives us a couple of very interesting sequences.

La stanza del vescovo

It is always a great pleasure to watch Ornella Muti while wearing a white transparent bathwear. Ant it is another great pleasure watching Katia Tchenko and Karina Verlier‘s nude body. The movie we’re speaking of is La stanza del vescovo and you can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it in our daily updated archives.

Paolo il caldo

From the ’70s are coming many nude actresses, thanks to the videos that we present today, from the film Paolo il caldo. A nice list of celebrities is shown without clothes in front of our eyes, from the icons of world cinema as Ornella Muti, to the meteor disappeared after a couple of films like Marie Sophie. And today the list of nude celebrities shows us other interesting characters: a mature and sensual Marianne Comtell, Enrica Bonaccorti young and with black hair, Adriana Asti with sexy lingerie and a fast nude by Angela Covello. Interesting clips that you can’t really miss.

Swann in Love

Ornella Muti, beautiful and always young, worked in all genres without being submitted to one of them. Among all the updates of last days, reserved to our members, we underline one of her naked scenes, in the movie Swann in Love (original title Un amour de Swann). You can find in our archives a complete review and many clips to illustrate it.

The Voyage of Captain Fracassa

Il viaggio di Capitan Fracassa, directed by Ettore Scola, is a good comedy. Together with Massimo Troisi, we can admire three beauties from the Italian and French cinema: Ornella Muti, Emmanuelle Beart and Tosca D’Aquino. We can see a lot of nude skin, with a total nude by Ornella Muti. You can find a complete review and many clips in our archives, daily updated.