Alla mia cara mamma nel giorno del suo compleanno

Count Fernando is an eternal child succubus of his mother. The two live in symbiosis and the Oedipus complex hovers in the house. Until the beautiful maid Angela arrives. Count Fernando, aka Didino, falls madly in love with her.
Angela is played by the beautiful Eleonora Giorgi, who gives us fabulous nudes. And if Eleonora Giorgi‘s tits are not enough, you can enjoy those of Orchidea de Santis.

Attenti… arrivano le collegiali!

We spoke of Orchidea De Santis some days ago and we’re doing it again today, thanks to the videos from the movie Attenti… arrivano le collegiali! that we’ve recently added to our archives. The female students from a private school have a holiday in the hotel owned by the father of one of them. The school teacher controlling them is the beautiful Orchidea De Santis. Of course, it’s a movie with many nude actresses. Together with Orchidea De Santis, we can enjoy the nudes by Enrica Saltutti, Yvette Monet, Eleonora Spinelli and Eleonora Green.

Charlys Nichten

Today we present some clips from another very rare film: Charlys Nichten. A German erotic comedy that shows among the nude actresses also a couple of the queens of sexy Italian cinema: Orchidea de Santis and Patrizia Viotti. And, of course, there are the nude German celebrities, all gorgeous: the beautiful Elke Boltenhagen, the sensual Eva Gross and the blonde Marie Luise Lusewitz. And for the collectors of the Italian cult actresses, the videos with Orchidea de Santis nude are really unforgettable. In our opinion, her tits are among the most beautiful in Italian cinema ever. A lot of nude sequences for another update you can’t miss!


Today we present another important chapter in Italian erotic comedy, another decamerotic movie, This time we present Decameroticus, a long list of beauties among which the beautiful Orchidea De Santis and the busty Antonia Santilli, together with Gabriella Giorgelli, Krista Nell, Margaret Rose Keil, Marina Fiorentini, Rosita Torosh… Another update you can’t loose! You can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it in our daily updated archive.

I giochi proibiti dell’Aretino Pietro

A classic Italian decamerotic with the classic Italian decamerotic actresses. In the 70s in Italy there were many productions of these movies after the release of Pier Paolo Pasolini’s Decameron.
I giochi proibiti dell’Aretino Pietro tells the story of four women conducted before the court by their lovers and husbands. The accusation is adultery. The judge will absolve them all, but he will first have sex with all of them…
The list of actresses is big and interesting: Angela Covello, Enza Sbordone, Femi Benussi, Isabelle Marchall, Marlene Rahn, Orchidea De Santis, Rosemarie Lindt and Shirley Corrigan.

I racconti di Viterbury

Another Italian decamerotic, which tells us seven stories vaguely inspired by Boccaccio’s Decamerone. In the 70s in Italy there were a lot of these movies, which had two main ingredients: a petty humor and a lot of nude actresses.
In this, Christa Linder, Linda Sini, Orchid De Santis, Rosalba Neri and Rosemarie Lindt parade before our eyes.


We really like watching Orchidea De Santis nude, with her necklace around her waist and those beautiful big tits. One of the most beautiful blondies from Italian cinema between ’70s and ’80s. If we watch her in a movie where she’s together with another blonde, one of the world’s most famous, Ilona Staller, then the view is fabulous . Ilona Staller when she wasn’t yet Cicciolina, very young and gorgeous. The film which gave us these nude scenes is L’ingenua and between showers and ass facing a car window, you can’t lose them.

La dottoressa sotto il lenzuolo

Today we’re back speaking of Italian erotic comedy with a very rich movie: La dottoressa sotto il lenzuolo. A long list of nude and beautiful actresses and among them there are four icons from the ’70s: Karin Schubert, Orchidea De Santis, Ely Galleani, Gabriella Lepori and Elizabeth Turner. A movie you can’t loose. You can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it in our daily updated archives.

La nipote

After one year since the success of Malicious, many directors were still trying to tap into that vein, that one of this sexy genre. So, in 1974, the movie La nipote appeared, rich of nude actresses. The name are those of the most popular in Italian sexy comedy, starting with the blonde and busty Orchidea de Santis, an icon of erotic cinema. And then Francesca Muzio as the nephew, and Annie Carol Edel as the stepmother. All them always nude and sensual, with a list of fabulous scenes. An update you do not want to miss.

Le dolci zie

Always intereste to rare movies, today we present Le dolci zie, an erotic movie from the first half of the ’70s. In this movie we can find a fabulous Orchidea De Santis, together with a cast of beauties, among which we underline the presence of a naked Marisa Merlini, a gold scene for the best collectors. The other nude actresses are: Femi Benussi, Pascale Petit and Patrizia Gori. In our archives we can find the movie review and many clips to illustrate it.

Ride bene… chi ride ultimo!

It’s always a good time to look at Orchidea de Santis naked. With the today update, we enjoy her thanks to the video clips coming from a funny episodes-movie : Ride bene… chi ride ultimo!. Next to this blonde icon of Italian sexy cinema from the ’70s, we can see other two beauties: the legendary Anna Maria Rizzoli and the less known Adriana Falco. A few sequences, but all very interesting. Nude celebrities fans will be happy to add these scenes to their collection.

Ridendo e scherzando

Beautiful and sensual, Licinia Lentini nude is not easy to see. There are many films in which she plays in all her sensuality, showing black stockings, necklines thrill or the last few inches of her back. But her nude scenes are really very few, unfortunately for her many fans. One of the few movies where you can see her completely nude and after an amazing striptease is Ridendo e scherzando, a funny movie that besides Licinia Lentini shows us two other fabulous nude celebrities: Macha Méril and Orchidea De Santis, two additional icons from erotic cinema.

San Pasquale Baylonne protettore delle donne

Another update and another cult movie rich of nude skin, San Pasquale Baylonne, protettore delle donne. In this nice movie with Lando Buzzanca, we can admire Gabriella Giorgelli, Loretta Persichetti, Orchidea De Santis and Stella Carnacina‘s nude bodies. As usual, you can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it in our daily updated archives.

Una bella governante di colore

The beautiful maid mentioned in the title Una bella governante di colore is the beautiful Ines Pellegrini. But in this movie the best actress is the exciting Orchidea De Santis, beautiful and always nude. She gives her best as a naughty policewoman. A lot of total naked scenes, with the complete catalogue: shower, bathtube and so on. You can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it in our daily updated archives.