Giovani, belle… probabilmente ricche

Three wives, a legacy and a particular challenge to receive it. A libertine friend dies and leaves everything to her three friends, but there is a condition. They will have to betray their husbands… The three friends are Carmen Russo, Nadia Cassini and Olinka Hardiman. Can we ask more? Of course not!

Ingrid, Whore of Hamburg

The story isn’t a masterpiece and the first sentence is “You’ve a damn nice ass”, a good introduction to all further dialogues. But the story is the latest reason to watch a movie like Ingrid, puttana d’Amburgo, an hardcore from the early ’80s with the mythical Olinka Hardiman, the hardcore Marylin – that is named Olinka Wilde in Italian version. Today an hardcore update, dedicated to her and her thousands of fans. In the same movie we must underline also the presence of Elena Munoz.


Many of you know her for the soft erotic Giovani, belle, probabilmente ricche. In this movie she offers only a little to our eyes… but immediatly Olinka Hardiman (or Marilyn L’Amour, or Olivia Link, or Olinka Petrowa… and another dozen of art names) excites and stimulate her public. The first reason is her similarity to Marilyn Monroe, the second is her soft curves and her accentuated sensuality.
But who knows also the hard production, knows that Olinka was one of the most beloved and requested pornstars during the ’80s. We remember her often together with Gabriel Pontello (alias Supersex), in many movies and photostories. And of course we remember her in those nice hard movies of last century, in which there was a plot and not only sex scenes. A good example is Lorna, one of those movies our users are looking for. Olinka is really excellent.

Sechs Schwedinnen auf Ibiza

Swiss director Erwin C. Dietrich has never disappointed the fans of naked actresses. His films are always rich in scenes of sex and even when we find him in the role of screenwriter instead of director, we are satisfied. Today we present movies from two versions of the same film, titled Sechs Schwedinnen auf Ibiza (AKA Vacances sexuelles). One version is the softcore one, which we present in HD video clips. And in addition, there are all the hardcore sequences from the uncut version. The naked actresses in this film are all gorgeous, starting with the mythical Olinka Hardiman. And this is the list of all the others: Astrid Bone, Dominique Saint Claire, Hare Krane, Laura May, Linda Ordóñez and Marianne Aubert. An unmissable update.


We are back with one of our best activities: finding rare sequences from the past. The movie we present today is Tentazione, interpreted by Trine Michelsen and the beloved Olinka Hardiman. Olinka Hardiman is an actress that moved from the sexy comedy to the erotic genre, and in the ’80s became one of the most beloved pornstar, maybe thanks to her similarity to Marylin Monroe. In this movie there isn’t pornography, but many total naked scenes, showers and even Trine Michelsen washing her pussy with champagne.