Alba Parietti, Eva Grimaldi, Nathalie Caldonazzo, Sonia Gray, Monika Rebel and Mariangela Giordano. A long list of celebrities for a unique movie. We’re speaking of Abbronzatissimi, a funny movie from the ’90s, that you can’t loose if you like famous nude skins. We present it in one of our last updates, with a complete review and some astonishing clips to illustrate it. Of course, you can find them in our daily updated archives.

Fratelli d’Italia

Bikini, big tits… and beautiful celebrities! Fratelli d’Italia is an Italian comedy of the late 80s with two exceptional actresses: Nathalie Caldonazzo and Sabrina Salerno.
It is certainly not one of the best moviess released in Italy, but these two actresses are worth the price of the ticket. Sabrina Salerno has not acted in many movies, but every time she appears on the screen it drives us crazy!


A group of clumsy photographers tries at any cost to make a lucky shot. With a series of tricks they try to capture some of the most beautiful celebrities of Italian television of the 90s.
Among provocative asses, breasts, lingerie and bikinis, a variety of beauties parade before our eyes: Carmen Di Pietro, Ela Weber, Elenoire Casalegno, Brigitte Nielsen, Nathalie Caldonazzo, Natalia Estrada and Luana Ravegnini.


Passioni was an Italian tv serial from 1993. The story was that of the Boldano family, like a soap-opera: illness, cheating, money troubles and every kind of disaster. The cast was rich of famous names but we’re interestd in the nude celebrities, starting from those beauties stripping in this movie: Marina Giulia Cavalli, one of the best breasts of the Italian tv. Together with her, Francesca Rettondini and Nathalie Caldonazzo. In our archives, the complete review of this serial and some clips with these fabulous nude scenes.