Game of Thrones [Season 2]

We go on with the list of nude actresses in the beautiful TV serie Game of Thrones. Now we present the second season and the main dish is Natalie Dormer nude, one of the most requested nude celebrities in the net. This actress has an high erotic carisma in front of which you can’t resist. Unfortunately we can’t enjoy Emilia Clarke nude in this season, but there’s a rich menu of nude actresses, some of them coming back from the first season, and others here for the first time. Their names are: Amy Dawson, Sahara Knite, Carice van Houten, Maisie Dee, Natalia Tena, Oona Chaplin and the sensual Esmé Bianco.

Game of Thrones [Season 5]

New actresses and old ones… and the nude of Lena Headey, that isn’t her own nude! We see Lena Headey walking nude in the walk of shame, but it’s a morphing. Her head is attached to the nude body of the actress Rebecca Van Cleave. Many fans are disappointed by this decision, but it wasn’t a simple embarassment by the actress. During the shooting of these sequences, Lena Headey was pregnant, so her nude at that time couldn’t be consistent to her character. But let’s see the rest of the celebrities in this fifth season: Meena Rayann, Natalie Dormer, Portia Victoria, Xena Avramidis, Samantha Bentley, Carice van Houten, Charlotte Hope and Rosabell Laurenti Sellers. A binge of nude actresses!

In Darkness

A blind musician is witness to a murder committed in an apartment in the building in which he lives. This event will take her to the dark alleys of London crime.
The musician is played by the sensual Natalie Dormer, who is also a co-writer of the screenplay. The actress gives us a nice nude in the shower and we appreciate it a lot, because the naked actresses in the shower or in the bathtub are a great classic of nude cinema. The best scene with naked Natalie Dormer arrives a few minutes later, when she had sex with her partner.
The victim is played by the famous Emily Ratajkowski, which most of you probably follow on Instagram to watch her round tits posted with a certain frequency. In this film, Emily shows us only a generous cleavage.

The Scandalous Lady W

An eighteenth-century drama describes the scandalous life of Lady Seymour Worsley. Indeed, the scandalous life that Lady Seymour’s husband imposed on her, to satisfy his voyeurism and his ambitions.
In the role of Lady Seymour we find Natalie Dormer, one of the most intriguing and sensual actresses of the twentieth century. Natalie Dormer nude is always a beautiful gift, which we gratefully accept.