Ecco lingua d’argento

Nadia Cassini and Carmen Villani in the same movie are a great recipe for our eyes appetite. And Nadia Cassini blonde version is an earthbreaker. The movie title is Ecco lingua d’argento and the nude clips are in our last update. One of the most hot Carmen Villani movies.

Giovani, belle… probabilmente ricche

Three wives, a legacy and a particular challenge to receive it. A libertine friend dies and leaves everything to her three friends, but there is a condition. They will have to betray their husbands… The three friends are Carmen Russo, Nadia Cassini and Olinka Hardiman. Can we ask more? Of course not!

Il dio serpente

One of the best updates of this month, with the trailers and review of a forgotten movie. The main actress is a young and beautiful Nadia Cassini. This movie is Il dio serpente with Nadia Cassini and Beryl Cunningham. But the real show is Nadia: sensual and exciting. In this movie she is really fashinating and provocant. Not only nude skin but also movements, smiles, a cigarette between lips…

Io zombo, tu zombi, lei zomba

In 1978 the famous movie by Romero, Zombie, opened the age for a new genre that still lasts today. In those early years of this genre, there were also a lot of imitations. In Italy many directors such as Fulci, Lenzi and Girolami produced many movies dedicated to the “zombie” genre. Another director, Nello Rossati, made a parody for this genre. We’re speaking of the cult movie Io zombo, tu zombi, lei zomba. The beautiful main actress is Nadia Cassini. You can find the movie review and data in our current update, together with a great lot of content.

L’assistente sociale tutta pepe

It’s always a great pleasure to give our members some new clips with Nadia Cassini nude. This movie is rich of astonishing scenes. There are many close ups of her bottom, that bottom defined “the best ass in the world” in the ’80s. There are also some quick total naked scenes and many scenes under the shower, in the swimmingpool, at the beach… L’assistente sociale tutta pepe e tutta sale is no doubt the most loved movie with Nadia Cassini, an actress that rarely stripped out. But not in this movie, where she gave many nudes. Another unforgettable update!

La dottoressa ci sta col colonnello

A classic Italian sexy comedy, with two actresses who were at the top in those years: Malisa Longo and Nadia Cassini (whose real name is Gianna Lou Müller).
It was said that Nadia Cassini had the most beautiful ass in the world. We can not swear that it was the most beautiful in the world, but without a doubt it was in the first places of the hit parade.
If you want to have a personal opinion about how good was her ass, this film offers you several sequences to think about.


Starcrash is a low budget Italian Star Wars. A year after the release of the first film of the most important film saga of all time, Italian director Luigi Cozzi makes his own version. Of course, the special effects are not the main reason why nerds like us should look at it, but the protagonist is the fabulous Caroline Munro wearing a fantastic bikini with a fabulous neckline and two galactic buttes! And Nadia Cassini delights us with a show in the typical astronaut bikini. An absolute cult, from which we extracted our HD video clips from our latest update.

The Nurse in the Military Madhouse

Between the ’70s and the ’80s it was enough saying “The most beautiful ass in the world” and all understood the subject was Nadia Cassini. After many years – and many asses – but Nadia’s back is still in the hit parade of the most beautiful from the cinema. In the movie we present today, The Nurse in the Military Madhouse, we’re lucky because we can see a rare total nude scene. Nadia Cassini was happy to show her back, but she stripped only a little. In this movie, thanks to a transparent underwear and panties, we can see her bush for a little. But total nude scenes are many: Nieves Navarro, another gorgeous actress in this movie, gave us a beautiful total nude. Not enough? Ok, we add another pair of nude celebrities that make you lose your head: Carmen Russo and Karin Schubert.

Tutta da scoprire

Tutta da scoprire (also known as L’amante tutta da scoprire) is a sexy Italian comedy of the early 80s that has as its protagonist Nadia Cassini, at the time considered the best ass in the world. And in this movie, her ass is very often framed!
Nadia Cassini has often been reluctant to show her tits, but she has generously shown her backside in every movie. Then there is a sequence in the shower where we can see a lot more! In the film we can also admire the Spanish actress María Luisa San José.